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              a study of near death experiences

This web site is a study of the many aspects of near death experiences. What causes them, the emotional impact they bring to the experiencer, and the spiritual knowledge they impart to us. It also contains inspirational thoughts, and self-help concepts inspired by near death experiences. If you're uncertain what NDEs are, I suggest you read A Near Death Experience, what is it? Then, if you would like to go straight to the NDE posts click here. There are over 300 experiences, I hope you will read them all. Writings contained herein come from my personal experience, along with the experiences of others, and do not claim to be everything known about NDEs.

Books written by the author of this site
"In the Presence of Unconditional Love"
"Hell Fire Cool Water"

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Life's a Bitch, then you die.
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This site is color coded for fast access to data. However, there may be some overlapping topics in the categories.
The dynamic nature of life and NDEs make precision systematizing impossible.
Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope it is of value to you.

Thoughtful Living

There are no guarantees, implied or expressed, as to the accuracy or usefullness of any material offered in this site.
Near Death Experiences are personal spiritual events and can not be authenticated by duplication.
The material comes to me through the message boards and is assumed to be the true experiences of the author.
My writings come from my personal experiences and are solely my views. I am a student of life. I claim no expertise in this field or any other, and hold no academic degrees.
The Self-Help pages are included to illustrate spiritual concepts I learned from my Near Death Experiences for those who desire this information. This web site is for information purposes only.


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