Miracles, a change in perception.

Miracles are expressions of Love that cause changes in perception, which in turn alters the temporal order of events. Miracles have no limitations; coming from God; Whom has no limitations. They are natural, healing occurrences, commonly seen everyday, and the birthright of all people.

In the presence of love it is almost impossible to be sick or unhappy. When love enters, fear exits. In Near Death Experiences, God's love surrounds you and dispels all fear. That love changes the way you look at yourself and the world. From that moment, one is never the same. Love creates miracles.

It took me over three years to sort out my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs after my experience. Since then, I have been privileged to meet and talk with many people about NDEs. At one time, I attended two discussion groups on spiritual matters. In these sessions, I witnessed many miracles as participants found the love they sought and released the fear that caused them difficulties.

When I discovered the internet, I found many more who wanted to discuss NDEs. I have been on the net several years, and put up this web site, at this writing. I have seen many miracles happen while discussing and understanding God's unconditional love as shown in Near Death Experiences.

If you would like to experience a miracle, read the information available in this site and the links from it. Love is the answer to all questions. With love all things are possible.

If you have received a miracle in your life, I would really like to hear about it. I am starting a permanent file of miracles for people to read and receive inspiration.

Go to the comments page and write me about it.

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