God, by any other name... 

God, Creator, All-That-Is, Source, Force, Yama, Bhagwan, Shiva, Elohim, Jehovah, El-Shaddai, Adonai, Immanuel, Hosanna, Brahma, Great Spirit, Khuddah, Hashem, Allah, Yahweh, Ormazd, A'tma, Surya, Deva, Akash, Vasu, Narayana, Chandra, Buddha, Shakra, Ketu, Bandhu, Pita, Mata, Guru, Aja, Satya, Lakshmi, Virat, Agni, Vishwa, Hiranyagarbha, Vayu, Taijas, A'ditya, Prajna, Aum, Mitra, Varuna, Aryama, Indra, Vrihaspati, Vishnu, Urukrama, Bhumi, etc, etc, etc.  

GOD, by any other name, IS LOVE.

There is only ONE GOD, whatever name is used. The only proper way to describe the presence of God is "Awesome". God has no gender, no intrinsic form, and no religion. God is unconditional Love. Below, I attempt to explain the unexplainable. Words are only symbols, that can be used to form allusions of the greater reality. Do not take literally what you see here, read it with your heart, not your mind.

For the scientific minded: God may be described as the sum total of all particles in existence. These particles, exist within a force field called Love, and are shaped into forms by varying frequencies, amplitudes, and densities of consciousness which is a characteristic of the particles. Each particle contains the knowledge of the whole and the whole contains the knowledge of each particle.

The Love force field is utilized by consciousness to create and hold form. Everything is formed by conscious thought, and its curiosity explores, experiments, and gains knowledge of itself.

In the pursuit of self knowledge the whole creates independent pools of consciousnesses which are free to explore, experiment and create as they desire on their own. These may be described as trillions of tiny pools of consciousnesses (individuals) existing in the vast ocean of consciousness that is God. The individual consciousnesses have all the characteristics and abilities of the whole but in a relatively smaller amount depending on their size.

There are no limitations on the creative process, anything that can be brought into consciousness (thought) can be created in form. There is a constant expanding of the whole as new creation takes place by the singular and mass action of the tiny pools of individual consciousnesses. The interaction of energy and particle gives off light. The light seen in NDEs.

The particles, love force, and consciousness are basic and thousands of times smaller than what is currently known about particules. While several words have been used here -- particles, force, love, energy, light, consciousness -- these are not to be thought of as separate items, they are all facets of the ONENESS that is God.

The words change now for a different reader. Here I use gender words for convenience, convention and familiarity. It is not possible to capture the Oneness in words or anything else. It is expanding, changing even as you read this. Also, I am disadvantaged, being only a small part of the vast ocean of consciousness.

For the rest of us: God may be described as a Loving Father guiding His children by His Example along the path of Love to greater growth and understanding. He loves His children unconditionally and asks or needs nothing from them. However, as His children grow in knowledge He grows with them and before them. He is the giver of all things and can be found in all things. He has no beginning and no end. His children were created free in His image and share eternity with Him.

His disposition is Love. His mood is Love. He speaks in the language of Love. He is Love. God does not punish anyone for anything. He does not condemn. He does not need to forgive, because He never judges. He loves without any conditions being put on His Love. God is unconditional Love. He holds all His children safe and secure at all times in His embrace. There is never a distance between God and His children. He is as close to His children as their breath at all times. His children interact directly with Him at will. No intercessor of any kind is desired or needed. Who are His children? ALL people everywhere in the universe. He Loves each one the same. This is the nature of God.

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