Inspiration by Quotation, No. 00.

These inspirational quotes come from several sources. Mostly books that would be welcome additions to anyone's library. If you have a quotation you would like to see here, please email me.

Emmanuel's Book II, Choice for Love, by Pat Rodegast.
Because I Love You, by Alice Joyce Davidson.
God is Light, by Bart Scott.
Our Deepest Fear, by Marianne Williamson.
Real Love, by Jennifer Avalon.
Seeing Is Believing, by Jennifer Avalon.
Embrace Life, by Jennifer Avalon.
The Land Where Souls Play, by Michael Levy.
A Merry Old Soul, by Michael Levy.
God Found Tommy, by John Powell.
The Near Death Experience, by Jack Cuthrell.
Instructions for Life, by Dalai Lama.
Doubt is Just a Fear, by Sherry Ibanez.
Gift Exchange, by Bobbie Pidot-Guffey.
Words of Wisdom, by Michael.
How to Install Love, Author Unknown.
Rules for Being Human, (Cherie Carter-Scott).
America 9/11 Material, Author Unknown.
America 9/11 Material, Author Unknown.
The Daffodil Principle, Author Unknown.
My Prayer, Regina Marie.
The Desiderata, Author Unknown.
The Cab Ride, Author Unknown.
The Dash, by Linda Ellis © 1999.
Prayer of Peace, by Saint Francis.
The Filling Station, Author Unknown.

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