Inspiration by Quotation, No. 20.

My Prayer by Regina Marie.


Here is my prayer:
Personal affirmation and declaration:

In the Name of The Holy Spirit, and in the Name of Almighty God,
I do write and declare (speak and declare) this with my intent for
the highest good for All and with my intent and want for no harm to Any.

I, hereby claim all negativity, harm and discord which
I have created or have caused to be created on this Earth,
throughout all of my existences, and, from those points,
throughout time in every direction, and on every level of existence, and,
I here do command and Ask, that these negativities, harms and discords
of my making, through my manifested and unmanifested thoughts and actions,
be dissolved, absorbed and/or transformed by and through
the Holy Light of Divine Mind of God,
so that these negativities, harms and discords, of my making,
have no further ill continuance or effect.

This I Will and Ask, through and In the Name of Almighty God and His Holy Grace,
by command and want of My conscious choice, here and now,
to make way for forgiveness' and betterment, as I do choose,
want and Will my forgiveness for all harm caused me on this Earth, throughout all time,
thus including those hurts caused through confusions, fear, and unknowingness
Blessed be God's Holy Light. Amen.


My prayer, I wrote, for here, now. This life. For a better future, and whether I live here a lot longer or not. If I may remove old, past, Earth-bound negativities that I myself made, I figure it should be a good thing for a whole lot of different people and circumstances that I may have effected. (and possibly make this world a little better and for my two girls, too.)



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