Inspiration by Quotation, No. 02.

All quotations on this page are from Because I Love You, by Alice Joyce Davidson. This is a book of religious poetry published by Fleming H. Revell Company.



All who share God's kingdom,
All humanity,
All of us together
Are part of one great tree . . .

We branch out, and we blossom,
We bear our fruit and grow,
And as we're branching, growing, reaching,
Somehow we still know . . .

That all of us together,
All humanity,
Share one root -- one root of love
For all eternity!




If you can say, "I love You, God!"
With your heart, your soul, and might,
If you believe God's power,
His mercy, goodness and light,
Then it's natural to love yourself
And believe in all you do --
For you are truly part of God,
And God is part of you!




loneliness manfests itself
as coldness
heartache as bitterness
frustration as meanness.

Why is it we seem to act the most unlovable
when we need to be loved the most?

Help me, Lord, to see
past coldness
past bitterness
past meanness
and into the hearts of those
who need to be loved the most!



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