Inspiration by Quotation, No. 03.

I copied this quote from the news group "alt.consciousness.near-death-exp." It was contributed by Bart Scott. It contains insight into the nature of God.


God is light.

God is right before your eyes every moment (if there is such a thing as
a moment while contemplating God). As our physicists journey deeper into
the realms of the atom, they continue to find only smaller packets of
energy they classify as particles. I don't understand why they call
them particles when they are just another level of energy. I suppose
it has something to do with the need to quantify an experience for the
purposes of duplication.

Interesting.... the need for duplication.

I, and others of greater or less worth, have contemplated life.
Hmmmm.... here we have energy forming itself into a situation where it
contemplates itself.... Then it attempts to duplicate itself. The
story goes on and on.

Consciousness flows and renews itself all the time.

A river will have it's way even if you remove it's bed.

Each of us are our own specific branch of that river. If we don't
supply the nutrients to our surroundings then we don't get the shade
necessary to keep us from being absorbed by an even stronger flow of

There's nothing really wrong with being absorbed because nothing is
lost to God. Since you are energy... you are God. So you can't fade

It's interesting that we, as God, struggle to understand this. By the
same token, I'm not surprised.

There is much more to God than we suspect -- which is exactly why we
exist. We are God's questions about Itself to Itself.

...Points of view with many questions... Heroes for those who greet us
on the other side to extract whatever answers we may offer in God's
timeless search to know Itself.

We are, indeed, the fold. The fold that looks back upon itself to know
more of what it is.

...... 'scuze me... I got a little carried away... :-)




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