Inspiration by Quotation, No. 12.

A Poem by Sherry Ibanez


by Sherry Ibanez

A presence that's inside us,
A softness in the wind,
A glimpse at understanding
what lies deep within.

A familiarity in the eyes
Of a stranger on the street.
That sudden flash of hope,
When you're contemplating defeat.

The joy of the realization
That you have a true friend.
When you've suffered terrible heart break
and found that it did mend.

The laughter of small children
And the innocence in their play,
And when you're paying attention,
The lessons presented everyday.

The opportunity to teach the younger generation,
And make a difference in what they do,
To change our very future
And make our dreams come true.

The way that absolutely everyone
Has a unique message they can share,
If we really try to listen,
If we take the time to care.

The fact that everyone's taste differs,
Yet not one can deny,
The beauty that some things
Present to the human eye.

The incomparable feeling
Of a true romance,
The magical way that music,
Makes our bodies want to dance.

The pleasure you get from an animal
And how they seem to know,
When you need protection,
Or when you're feeling low.

The art that man creates,
For nothing but pure love,
The great sacrifices of people
Made for him above.

The way life comes together
For those who seek each day,
With patience and humilty
For love to show the way.

And with all this proof we're given,
That there's a greater power here,
I hope that you can live in FAITH,
Doubt is just a fear.

Sherry Ibanez


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