Inspiration by Quotation, No. 10.

This message was written by Jack Cuthrell, author of “Letters of the Soul.”


The Near Death Experience

Within the Near Death Experience are the seeds of Man’s understanding of the universe, of love and of Oneness. For it is in the Near Death Experience that man releases his preconceived opinions, and allows the facts to come forward and be seen. It is as though he pulls aside a curtain of his own misconception and sees for the first time a truth that has always existed, a truth that is so profound, so persuasive, so undeniable that the experiencer’s life can never be the same.

The Truth of Oneness: that all men are part of the whole, not just four billion individuals, standing alone and apart, but four billion parts for making up the whole, the One, sharing and joining in the responsibility of life on this planet. Four billion people needing to work together, for the good of the world, not in opposition. We can accomplish our paradise on earth by cooperation, not by war, hate or deception.

The Truth of Love: that Love is the greatest strength of all. For Love given is Life received. For Love creates an environment of Love, cooperation and trust. It is Love given, that turns hate and mistrust into mutual respect and beneficial cooperation. There are nations in the world that have that Love. The Love results in open borders, free trade, open, honest exchange between people. There are nations that practice hate. The newspapers are filled with their terror, killings, bombings. There are two choices that are ours, and we must make a decision. NDEer’s learn or “know” the power of Love, and their lives change. It is a lesson that the world desperately needs, for we have led ourselves to the brink of our own destructions, by our own practices of greed and distrust and our “me-first attitudes”.

The Truth of Life: Death is not the end, but a transition to another Life. Think of the horror, the dread, that mankind has given itself, by believing that death is the end. How many millions of lives have been spent in grief for the “lost” loved ones, that have never been lost? Let us give our cooperation and support to these seeds that have been planted by the Near Death Experience. The experience is a gift. It is perhaps the beginning of a new life, not only for the Experiencer, but for our society and possibly the World.

Jack Cuthrell, author of “Letters of the Soul”


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