Inspiration by Quotation, No. 08a.

This poem was written by Michael Levy, author, poet, philosopher. He has a web site of writings. His books include "What is the Point" and "Minds of Blue Souls of Gold", read and enjoy.



I suppose you might say I look antiquated, but I don't feel it,
Strange is it not?

You would think I would be showing my age by now,
After all; I have been around for a lot longer than three million years.

What's that I hear you say
"How can that be?"
How can that not be, for I have nowhere to go.

Whilst it is true I persistently change my roles,
I still enjoy every one of them come what may.

On the surface,
it could seem there is a lot of havoc and mayhem
in my existence,
But it is just that; Only on the surface.

Many of the characters I play appear to be enduring life,
Running around like headless chickens,
Taking things; Oh! so seriously,
Worries and anxieties abound.

And I sense it all and yet; I still love life's featured charades,
The make-believe world of deceits and lies,
My, my; What pretense. What grievous dis-ease's of the mind.
I'm glad it is only fabricated illusions.

It fashions a variety show of drama, adventure, comedy
Not to mention sorrow,
"No! please don't mention sorrow" I hear you cry,
Well, I did mention sorrow, for it all seems so real to the personalities I play,
Good Game; Good Game.

You see; I have no need of pipe or fiddlers three,
For no matter what....... I Am A Merry Old Soul,

For no matter what........ No matter lasts,
Hee hee....... Sorry but I have to chuckle,
For in reality.... I will always wonder freely,

It looks like it's the end of another innings,
Pull up the wickets and change the rules then.

I presume I'll have a heavenly rest stop.
An episode of doing nothing in my true attire of vacuity,
It's all the same to me, It's all so sublimely divine,
What a great boss I have and no wages of sin.

I must slip into something a little more comfortable,
I guess it's time for a cup of spirituali-tea,
Bring on the elixir of life
Be a dear and pass the honey. M L


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