relationships, a learning process.

All relationships are personal. We experience our thoughts, and our emotions, echoing back to us from others. It is through them that we discover ourselves.

"Whatsoever you do unto others; you do likewise to yourself."

You have heard these sayings many times: "What goes around, comes around"; "You reap what you sow"; "Like attracts like"; "You only get out of life what you put into it"; etc. Most people will agree with these quotes and feel they accurately describe what happens in the real world. But for the Near Death Experiencer they are a certainty. An absolute.

One of the things most experienced in the average NDE is the understanding that we are all connected in God. We are like leaves, God is the tree. We are like waves, God is the ocean. There is a Oneness to all things. Wherever action we take affects the oneness. Whatever we do to others affects us directly.

This is the only "law" governing the Whole of the spirit world that I can ascertain. It works perfectly and brings real justice to everyone. All wrongs are redressed. All rights are added too. Even if we never caught and punished any criminal in the physical world. They would get away with nothing.

There are two main indications of this: One is the "Life Review" and the other is "Rebirth back into the physical". In the life review, all the events of your life are played back to you, but with an interesting difference. You are able to experience the feelings your actions caused in others. If you harmed someone, you will feel the pain that they felt as you harmed them. If you helped someone, you will experience the gratitude they felt for your help. Nothing is left out, nothing is missed. This is like a "final exam" upon completing your current journey in the physical school of life. And who grades the final: you do. You are the judge of how much or how little you accomplished. God does not judge. God does not punish. This life review is a teaching tool for you to measure your growth.

The second indication is often known as reincarnation. It is not possible to gradute from the physical in one lifetime. There is just too much to learn and experience. You chose to come here of your own free will and knew the score when you made the decision. You will "play the part" of many characters: some male, some female, different races, different economic statuses, different areas of the world. You will literally learn to bring Love to all conditions and all situations by knowing what it feels like to walk the path others have trod. Your journey is for understanding and remembering who you are by interacting with yourself through others.

Now what is the quickest path through the physical: the path of Love.


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