Bibles, Canons, and other sacred texts. 

Most religions have sacred texts. These texts were written on stone, leather and paper by those living in the physical world, and contain commandments, laws, doctrines, rituals, and rites concerning their beliefs about God. They were written for use in the physical world and achieved their sacredness by the declaration of their authors and other believers. Some are called "God's Word," but . . .

GOD wrote His sacred word on the hearts of all mankind.
That word is LOVE.

I have read from the texts of many religions, but I am most familiar with the Christian Bible. I was raised in the Christian tradition and took Bible courses in college. (While I love the teachings of Jesus, and feature them in this site, I am not a Christian as defined by the doctrine of most Christian Churches.)

The Christian Bible has been interpreted into literally thousands of different denominations, churches and Christian movements. It is said by some to be the final word on every part of physical life. It has been deified into a god of itself. Some are raised to fear the god described in it, their lives controlled by doctrines and disciplines of fear. The Christian Bible has, for some, become a replacement for God. An object of worship, as some may worship money or power. While the real God is Love.

After my NDE, and during an OBE visit to the spirit world, I asked about how one should acknowledge the Christian Bible. I was told the only thing I needed to know from the Bible could be found in the 13th chapter of First Corinthians. This is sometimes called the "Love Chapter." You can find part of it paraphrased on the Love Page of this site.

Some years later, I was listening to a Dannion Brinkly seminar tape; he was asked during the question period: "What about the Bible?" Dannion answered with: "All you need to know about the Bible can be found in the 13th and 14th chapters of First Corinthians." I was amazed that this person who has had three or four NDEs was saying practically the same thing I was told to say. I concluded that he got his information from the same place I did.

If it isn't Love, it isn't God. God doesn't teach fear. God teaches Love. God is Love.

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