hands, the touch of peace.

A trick perhaps. But one that may help when need is at its peak. Thoughts can not be easily dismissed, but they may be replaced. You do it with the hands. You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are like clouds, some light and fluffy, others dark and menacing. You, however, are the sky.

When clouds are dark and menacing. When there is fear, anxiety, depression or hopelessness.

Try this:

Extend your hands, palms up, in front of you. Enough to see them, but not enough to stretch the muscles. Mentally acknowledge all your anxieties, fears, depression and any other negative feelings you are experiencing at the moment, now visually place all these negative feelings in your left hand. In your right hand visually place Love.

Then, say to yourself, "I know that I am feeling fear, and I will not ignore it, instead, I will replace fear with Love. I have free choice. I can choose what I want to feel and I choose Love." Look at your right hand where you have visually placed Love and repeat: "I choose Love, I choose Love, I choose Love." By repeating this action over and over, you will feel the fear diminish, and the Love begin to return to you. If you are with someone you can do the whole thing in your mind. This is another form of affirmation and will work better the more you use it.

The great "I AM".

Say "I AM." Now say it a few more times, thoughtfully. Is there any doubt of your being, that you exist, that you are the "I AM"? Now just who is that "I AM" that you are?

The Seven L's of Thoughtful Living.

                              Life is for remembering who you are.
                              Look for truth and beauty in all things.
                              Listen to the harmony of the universe.
                              Learn to Love, yourself and all others.
                              Laugh often, enjoy the great adventure.
                              Love is a choice, choose to live in Love.
                              Let-go of the past, live in eternity now.

                              Life + Look : Listen : Learn = Laugh : Love : Let-go

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