personal info, for the curious.

Leroy Kattein

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA on September 14, 1937. Graduated from High School in 1955 with a Vocational Certification in Printing. Thought at this time my future was well planned. :-)

Held several positions in the Printing Industry until I was hired, in 1959, by a typesetting company. This employment would last 31 years. I began as a hot metal Linotype Operator and progressed to President and half-owner of the Company. Over the years many, many technological changes occurred and I learned the new technology by the hands-on method.

My real education began after graduation from High School. Always an avid reader, I have read hundreds of books. I especially like books on self-help, psychology, philosophy, and religion. I did return to college for a couple of years, but found I was not learning what I wanted, so I dropped it, and went back to studying on my own.

In the early 80's things started to come apart. The Oil Industry Bust, Desktop Publishing and a general downturn in business made profitability impossible. Tried to hang onto my business for a while believing things would get better. They got worse. This period of working longer hours for less money caused a deterioration of health and in 1987 I was diagnosed as having severe heart disease.

The Heart Specialist recommended surgery with a warning that I might live only 6 more months without it. But, I opted to wait and see if it would improve with a program of diet, and mild exercise. After about two months of trying this cure with minimal results I had an experience that changed my life forever.

That experience, a NDE (Near Death Experience), is really what this website is about. After the NDE, I regained my health and sold my business. The experience changed my personality and outlook on life forever. I became intensely interested in metaphysics, and in reading other's NDEs. After working with spiritual concepts for a number of years, I was told by spirit it was time for me to start teaching love. I was told that: "my family would touch families all over the world with our Love." At the time, I didn't own a computer, and didn't know of the Internet, so I thought this was crazy. But in time, I bought a computer and learned about the net. I also learned not to judge the predictions of spirit.

My first site consisted of six pages that I was to timid to publish. I held them on my hard drive for over a year before getting the courage to put them on the Internet. But once they were up, and people began to comment on them, I found a new direction.

Many people came looking for answers and understanding. I began to write to them and we talked about how the knowledge gained from Near Death Experiences could be used to improve our lives. I saw many dramatic changes in these people. Nearly all were helped by reading and discussing the NDE information. After this, I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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