my NDE, quick to read.

I had a bad day. I was depressed about my health, business and everything else that came to mind so I went to bed early, thinking the sleep would help me forget. I was wrong.

About 2:00 a.m. I awoke feeling very strange. I couldn't see anything, but felt an energy or electric-like current running all through me. Also felt someone close to my right shoulder. I thought this was my wife, but soon determined the bed, with my wife in it, was far below me, and to my left. Wanting to find out who this presence was at my shoulder I tried to turn around. A voice said: "Please go back to sleep." It was a male voice that seemed to originate within my thoughts or mind.

I wasn't afraid, and I still wanted to know what was happening, so, I tried to turn again. The voice said: "Do you wish to continue here or would you like to go on?" After considering this question only a few seconds, I replied: "I want to continue, of course." My reply was given as a thought.

As soon as I had answered, the energy surrounding me began to grow in intensity. The stronger it became the more I felt loved and supported by it. I became aware of (or remembered) my spiritual nature, and also, my purpose for being here. (I felt as if I had always known these things, but had somehow forgotten them.) I further knew that all people share this love and support. That everyone is held safe and secure and loved unconditionally by the Creator.

The intense energy lasted about 15 minutes (estimate). During this time, I felt total love, support, belonging, and an expanded knowledge of many things. I never wanted to leave this beautiful state of being; but finally the energy subsided and the voice said: "Please go back to sleep." In the next moment, I was back in bed, with my wife next to me. The adventure, however, was far from over.

In the months following, the energy remained, though not as intense. I had many lucid/out-of-body dreams (dreams where you are aware of, and active in, the dream state) teaching me how to overcome my limitations and fears. My health improved, in about 18 months I was released from all medical care. In another 18 months, my business was sold and I found employment. Life was looking good again.

Currently, the story continues. I can still feel the energy. I am still learning about, and improving myself daily. I can't remember every detail the intense energy allowed me to understand, but I know the most important thing is to teach, practice and live in Love.


The above story is my experience, told as I remember. It was like an earthquake to my beliefs; shaking, crumbling them to dust. I would never be the same again, the experience changed my perception of life forever. On the following pages, I have written about two of my experiences after the NDE. In most cases these "aftershocks" are more interesting to readers than my original experience.

Having a NDE doesn't make one more knowledgeable, powerful, or saintly than anyone else. Nor does it automatically change the person. The personality change a Near Death Experiencer goes through, comes from a deep desire to improve, due to what was learned. The improvement is done by practicing living in Love as felt in the experience. It is not any easier for an experiencer than for anyone else. The Affirmations and Hands pages along with others pages in this site are the methods I am using to help me live in Love. They are included here only as information for the reader.



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