aftershock two. 

These extra experiences were all concerned with teaching. I would go to bed, sleep for awhile, then find myself being guided by a "light being" to some place of learning. I would look forward to this time and enjoyed the lessons very much.

I was guided to the edge of a large field. There were six of us, with two light beings for guides. In this event, I could see the facial features of the participants, but not the light beings. Some were dressed in clothing I didn't recognize, so I assumed they were from different regions of the world and, as I, were still attached to a body. We had gathered to learn another lesson of life.

Behind us lay a thinly wooded area with tables and benches suitable for having picnics and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Ahead of us, the field stretched out as far as I could see. Wild flowers in brilliant colors of yellow, blue, red, and other colors unknown to me grew.

There were two animals in the distance, far into the field. I couldn't tell what they were doing, could just barely make them out. The guides told us the animals were very friendly and loved to be around people. They asked if we would like them to come closer to us. Everyone said yes, so the guides called the animals in some manner I didn't see and they began to approach.

As the animals drew nearer it became apparent they were large, very large, in fact, they were mammoth. Looking somewhat like an elephant without the tusks, trunk or big ears, they were easily two times larger than any elephant I had ever seen.

High anxiety begin to set in as they came closer and closer. I could tell the others were experiencing "second thoughts" also. Part of me was saying: "run for the woods" and another part: "don't be afraid". The guides, sensing our discomfort, began to reassure us that the beasts were friendly and gentle in spite of their huge size. It took all the courage I had to stand there and not run.

They stopped about 50 feet from us and one of them lay down in the tall grass. The guides moved over to the one that was standing and patted its huge leg. They motioned for us to follow. Slowly, cautiously, we walked over to where the guides were standing; next to the animal. I reached out my hand to touch the mammoth leg and I could feel energy coming from the beast, strong waves of love flowing from its center outward, in all directions. I was not afraid anymore, and as the others made contact, they became unafraid also.

We spent a long time there, just leaning against, sitting on, holding onto, and patting the animals. All our fear had vanished; replaced by the love energy flowing in all directions around us.

Finally the guides told us the visit was over, time to get back to the physical. We wanted to stay, but they insisted the lesson was finished. We had learned not to fear simply because something is huge and powerful. The guides explained that God is many times greater, many times more powerful than the animals, and has even more love for us. God is never to be feared. God is only Love.



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