aftershock one. 

These extra experiences were all concerned with teaching. I would go to bed, sleep for awhile, then find myself being guided by a "light being" to some place of learning. I would look forward to this time and enjoyed the lessons very much.

I was shown to a large, 3-story building. The approximate size and shape of a football field. The stairs were outside, located half way between the corners of the structure. The building was of glass and marble, very beautiful. We went up to the third floor landing and opened the door, inside was a large room, completely empty, it had a polished wood floor like a basketball court, but no markings of any kind. To my right, and at the back of the room, were two doors with a small opening between them. We entered the door on the left.

Inside was a classroom, tiny by comparison to the rest of the building, with about 20-25 students sitting at desks in front of a small platform. On the platform stood a table and chair. The instructor was standing behind the table waiting for me to be seated. The students as well as the instructor were hazy figures of light. Shaped like physical bodies, but not distinct. It did not seem important to me that they appeared this way. The intensity of the light was different from student to student with the instructor emitting the brightest light of all. I took an empty seat close to the center of the group. The instructor moved from behind the table, to the front of the platform, and began to speak.

The next thing I remembered was leaving the classroom, walking across the polished floor, out the door and down the steps. As I left the bottom of the steps, I would reenter my body and usually wake up. This was frustrating to me because I couldn't remember what the instructor said, or if he said anything at all. The frustration mounted over the following weeks as the event happened again and again.

It was the seventh time I had walked across the polished floor, and entered the small classroom. I took my seat as usual. But this time would be different. As I sat down, I begain to feel strange, my consciousness started to expand. It was as if the boundaries of my mind had collapsed. I saw a great expanse filled with light, in the light was the beginning experiences of my life. It was like a documentary. I saw myself as a baby, struggling to control my small body. Concentrating my thoughts on the "things" (arms and legs) moving around in front, and above me. At the same time, trying to bring my eyes into focus to better see them. My thoughts were building connective bridges to nerves and muscles, allowing me to gain control. This process went on for years extending to all areas of my body until I could walk, talk and otherwise act as a normal physical being.

At the same time, I was discovering the physical world surrounding me. I grew larger, and viewed my parents, teachers, peers, etc., instructing, lecturing me, on the ways of the world and the things it contained. I could see that the knowledge they were teaching me was taught to them by generations that lived before, going back to the beginning of time. I could see the knowledge change and expand as it came down from the first generations, on through each succeeding generation to become the knowledge I was presently learning.

I learned that the brown and green thing outside the window was called a tree, and spelled t-r-e-e. That tree was good, but weed was bad. The teaching process, through the effort of others, continued until I could see clearly how I came to believe, or disbelieve the knowledge I held within my mind. How the religion, school, nation, etc, of my birth were said to be good and were the best available systems in existence. The teaching was enforced and protected by many warnings. If I didn't believe in this kind of god, I would be punished for all of eternity. If I didn't follow these rules, regulations, laws, I would be thrown in jail for the rest of my life. If I didn't do what my superior asked, I would be failed, fired, thrown out, etc. This instilled fear in me. Making me believe I was vunerable, that I could be hurt. I became wary of others, analyzing their motives, focusing on the negative, forgetting who I was. I saw how this teaching paralyzed my creativeness, blocked my curosity of life. There were many questions I dared not ask for fear of censure or worse. I felt trapped in a box of beliefs and ideas too horary, too sacred to challenge. My mind was full, I was told that was all I needed to know, and handed a paper diploma. The scene finished at about my 21st birthday. The time society considered me an adult. While much of this teaching process seemed unfavorable to me, I was aware that it had a purpose, setting the stage of the future, it was intended to help me survive in the physical world.

The scene I was viewing now began to move away from me, getting smaller and smaller. At the edges, other scenes started to come into view. Scenes similar to mine, but of others' beginning experiences. Billions of them, all going through a similar learning process. People from different nations, religions, cultures, etc., learning to live in the physical, being taught differently than I was taught. The emphasis was on different, no judgements of better or worse, good or bad, just different.

Then, as the entire view faded out of sight, I felt another expansion. I could see a space between my thoughts/knowledge of the physical and myself. My "belief systems," gathered through the physical learning process, became a ball of energy standing apart from me. As it left me, I felt a tremendous weight lift. I felt wonderful. Light, love and freedom entered. Freedom from all the "musts, shoulds, don'ts, can'ts, of the physical life. I could understand the "rightness" of myself without the self-judgements of what I, and others expected me to be. I was sufficient, because I was created that way. All are created that way, in the image of our Creator: whole, perfect, with unconditional Love, for eternity. This feeling was identical to the one in my NDE, but from a different perspective. The event was both humbling, and enlightening; clarifying the meaning of life, which is to discover who I am. To understand the importance of thoughts, and how to use them in learning about the power of Love. Growing in the knowledge of the Creator.

The scene now vanished, and I was again focused in the classroom. The other students were clapping and looking at me. I felt uncomfortable, thinking I had missed something while exploring the expanded consciousness. But soon realized they were clapping for me. They had somehow witnessed the same scenes I had. I didn't understand why they were clapping, I had done nothing, the event was not under my control. We took our seats and the instructor moved to the front of the platform. He motioned me to come up on the platform. In his hands were a pin and a scroll of paper. The pin was slightly larger than a quarter, gold in color, with wings at the top. On the body of the pin were concentric circles, like one sees by dropping a stone in water. The scroll was small and rolled up in a tube. The instructor handed me the scroll and placed the pin on my chest. Since our bodies were not distinct I don't know how it remained there. I opened the scroll, it contained only one word -- Love.

The next thing I remembered was leaving the classroom, walking across the polished floor, out the door and down the steps. As I left the bottom of the steps, I reentered my body. I never returned to that classroom again.



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