learning to love, is possible.

Learning to love is possible, because you are love; every part and particle of you. Love is your natural state of being. Why then, do you feel unloved? Because you have forgotten who you are. Listen to your heart, calling you to "Be who you are."

"Be Who You Are."

You live your lives according to the information given you by teachers, parents, peers, etc., until the moment arrives when you realize that for all your good behavior and compliance, your life is empty. You sense a need that nothing in your world can fulfill. You hear a distant drum calling you to consider something unconventional, something outlandish. The drummer is whispering: "Be who you are."

From that moment on, you begin to question and release old, limiting ideas, tossing them out of your life. You may feel some fear as you release them, afraid you will leave holes in your "image" or you will become "vulnerable" to attack by others. But, be not afraid. All limiting ideas are pure illusion.

You are removing the camouflage you have wrapped around yourself in the hope of conforming to what you were taught was "a very good person." Good for whom and good for what? You are holding the illusion that you must do something, that you must become something, that you must perform something in order to be worthy.

From the viewpoint of the Greater Reality you are an angel of Light wrapped in your own self-judgment, bemoaning the lack of freedom that you have denied yourself.

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