remembering who you are, the awakening.

God never changes. God created you in His own image. Therefor, you never change. What you are, you will be forever. Anything about you that does change is not you. You, like God, are eternal Love.

If I asked you: "Who are you?" You would probably respond with your name, title, or occupation. But, you could use another name, earn a different title, and learn a new occupation, all without changing who you are. Whatever name, or title you use, you would still be you. So these things are not who you are.

Neither are you a physical body. Nor your thoughts. Nor your emotions. Nor your beliefs. Nor your possessions. Now, having eliminated everything you previously thought you were: "Who are you?"


You are an eternal living being (consciousness) created in unconditional Love by God. You lack nothing. Everything you will ever need, you already possess. You are perfect, whole, and invincible. You are safe and secure at all times. You will never fail. You are Perfect Light, Perfect Love, Perfect Truth. God's creations are flawless, and you will always be, just as God created you.


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