The Purpose of Life.

There are scientists who say life has no real purpose. It's an accident we exist at all, and if we want purpose and meaning in our lives we need to decide that for ourselves. On the other hand, there are religious leaders who say life is for obeying and worshipping a Supreme Being usually called "God." Neither are correct.

Near Death Experiences tell us something different. NDEs show we will live after death, and life is full of meaning and purpose.

Our home is the spiritual world. We came here by choice to learn about ourselves and to train for our spiritual future.

In the physical world we learn the alphabet, so we can put letters together to form words. Those who master large numbers of words can communicate quickly and efficiently with others. Research has shown the bigger the vocabulary, the better the chance one has to become "successful."

In the spirit world it is our thoughts we learn about. The physical world provides a classroom for us. Here we see our thoughts in action, our hopes and desires, as well as our fears unfolding before us even as we think about them. Thought translates into reality, in the physical world, how fast this happens depends on the intensity and frequency of the thought. "We reap what we sow." is truth.

We are learning to understand the importance of thinking, and focusing thoughts into useful, constructive beliefs and ideas for the benefit of ourselves and others. Some call this positive thinking, spiritual people call it learning to love. Love is our tool to gain spiritual growth. The more you love the greater the growth.

When we give up the negative thoughts and start working with loving ourselves and others, many wonderful things happen. We can understand better, gain knowledge quicker, and live peaceful, stress free lives. It is not an easy path, and we may falter along the way a few times, but it is worth the effort.

Start today to honor your thoughts with the importance they deserve. Listen to yourself, notice how others react to you. Make adjustments in your thinking to help yourself. Read positive books, do positive affirmations, and replace negative thoughts with love.

While the physical world can be really tough at times, it is always safe. The Higher Intelligence (God) that created it, and you, is always there within it all. Learning to love will open the door of communication, and understanding will flow to you from the Love. You will reap what you sow.

You are always held, safe and secure, in God's Love. No matter what others may think of you. No matter what you may think of yourself. God loves you. You can not fall from His grace. Love is your eternal birthright. You can not lose it. It is endless.

God loves you more than you realize, more than you can imagine while in physical form. He sets no limits or conditions. His Love is unconditional. You don't have to do anything, believe anything, or be anyone special to deserve it. You are His perfect child, in whom He is well pleased.




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