our animal friends, dogs, cats, etc.

Animals have not forgotten their spiritual nature, nor have they left the Oneness. That is why they can do such remarkable things, like finding their way home over hundreds of miles. Knowing ahead of time when their owner is returning, and sensing danger before we humans have a clue as to what's happening. Animals are our companions, friends, helpers, and guides. Domesticated animals will love and trust us when it seems no one else will. People who own animals live longer, more fulfilling lives. Finally: there is never any justification whatsoever for experimenting on them, or treating animals inhumanely in any way. Those that do will reap what they sow.

There are more animal pictures at this gallery.
I am constantly adding them. Check often.


A Prayer for the Animals.
The Rainbow Bridge.
Cat Poem.
Lady and Veevee.
Lady and Mouse.
Freddie and Jareth.
Marley the Parrot.
Big Boy.
Big Boy (continued).
Big Boy (continued).
Millie, Precious and Tippy.
Precious and Tippy Toes.
Twink and Toffee.
Amy and Muffin.
Simon and Ebony.
Amy and Ebony.
Kitty and Baby.
A Cats Cartoon.
Nature's Slide Show.


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