choice, a thing of great power.

Without free choice, life would be meaningless. No paths to ponder. No worlds to discover. No ideas to explore.

We journey into the physical as a child wandering into class. The experience is a grand school, an education in higher consciousness known as spiritual growth.

You always have a choice. Even if you decline to choose, that's still a choice. Where you are today has been determined by the choices you've made (or allowed, which is also a choice) in the past. The good news is, if you are not satisfied, you can change your life by making better choices, starting today.

The way to improved choices begins with accepting responsibility for those choices you've already made. No longer can you say: "my spouse, my boss, my kids, my possessions, my friends, my parents, my pets, my habits, my beliefs, the government, the job, the state of (anything), God or the devil made me do it".

the ladder to successful choices

Step (1). Accept responsibility for yourself and the choices you've already made. Nothing can change until you do. This means being honest about how you came to be where you are now, even if it is uncomfortable. We have all made mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes in the future. That is the way we learn. There is nothing wrong with the process. Those who never make mistakes, never learn.

Step (2). Examine the "why" of past choices, being completely honest with yourself. Here you will examine motives, why you did what you did. In some instances you may not have a clue why you choose the event or action. This is common and not anything to get upset about. The main reason for this step is to gain insight into your own feelings and emotions. If you find this difficult, only spend a few minutes a day on it.

Step (3). Start practicing better choices. Begin by increased respect for yourself and others. By forgiving the mistakes you and others make. By noticing the beauty of your surroundings. Choose to see the positive side of things. Choose to live in truth, speaking only what is true. And, above all choose Love, it is the highest choice possible. After practicing for a while, other good and useful choices will become apparent. You will begin to feel better about yourself and gain peace of mind.

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