forgiveness, letting-go of the past.

Forgiveness starts it, a non-judgemental attitude keeps it going. What is it? Freedom. Freedom from anger, hate, guilt and the past. Forgiveness opens the heart; and allows you to walk freely, securely into the next moment.

"I forgive you world, for all the wrongs,
I believe you have done to me."

Forgiveness is for the forgiver and not the forgivee. Many times have I heard people say: "I will never forgive him/her for what they did to me." Holding back forgiveness is to hold the anger, hate and guilt of the past event. You can not afford the pain of withholding forgiveness. In the spirit world, strong emotions tie people together. Strong love will keep two persons together and enjoying similiar experiences forever. They may come back into the physical together many times. Strong hate will do the same thing. It will tie you to the hated person until the hate is resolved.

Forgiveness cleans the slate of negative emotions and allows a new start. If you forgive someone and they say: "I don't accept your forgiveness." Then know that, if you have been sincere, you have done all you can. Shake the dust off your feet and walk on.

God has no need to forgive, since He never condemns or judges. But God can help you to learn to forgive. Pray for the knowledge of how to forgive everyone and everything that bothers you, He will answer your prayer.

God does not punish anyone for anything. But man, in fear and ignorance, believes strongly in punishment. And because man believes in punishment so intensely, man brings punishment to himself.

In my NDE, I learned from God that: "Man punishes himself, and not only does he punish himself, but he chooses the form that punishment will take." Now, is punishment necessary: of course not. If man chose Love in everything he did, punishment would disappear.

Every day use the affirmation above: "I forgive you world, for all the wrongs, that I believe you have done to me." Then forgive individually each and every person you may be having problems with. Release the past daily and walk into the future in freedom.

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