a better way of life. 

A better way of life, hard to manage? Are your goals distant, unattainable? Nobody understands you? You are not alone. Research statistics reveal that over 90 percent of the adult population feel that way at some time or another in their lives. Is there a solution? Is there a better way? The answer is yes. The choice is yours.

There is nothing supernatural, magical, or weird about life in the physical and spiritual worlds. All things follow a cause and effect relationship. If you tried to explain television to a 14th century Crusader, he might burn you at the stake for witchcraft. He would do so, because he doesn't understand television. Today, people are still frightened by things they don't understand. And the main item they don't understand is themselves.

This web site is about understanding yourself. The real purpose, of physical life, is to learn to love yourself, and all others. Now, it may seem a bit foolish for an individual to leave a spirit world of love and security in order to live in the physical. Forget his roots in the spiritual, and then have to struggle back into that remembering. But, there is a reason for it. It allows you to understand yourself; learn about the importance of love; and grow in the knowledge of the Creator.

Learning takes place by comparison. If fish, deep in the ocean, could think as man does, they would not understand water. Because water is invisible to them. There must be a condition of "water" and a condition of "not water" before the importance of water is apparent. With man, there must be a condition of "Love" and a condition of "not Love." You chose to enter the physical, take a body that serves to separate you from the Love of the spiritual, so you could learn about the Love of the spiritual. It is that simple. Some call it a game. Some call it a school. Some call it a stage play. You can call it anything you like, but you are here to learn about yourself.

Not everyone chooses to enter the physical. Coming here is by free will only, and is a courageous decision. Once you begin the physical cycle, you must finish it. That is the agreement you made. In the end, everyone succeeds, there are no failures, however, some take longer than others, living many lives in the journey. The result is deep spiritual growth and understanding.

Where does the above information come from: it comes from people who have had Near Death Experiences. People who have died, went into the spiritual and rediscovered the purpose of life. This site attempts to give a deeper understanding of the NDE and its purpose. I hope you will read the material and start thinking about thinking. Start living thoughtfully and learn to Love.

The better way, of course, is to Love, first yourself and then all others. You learn by doing.

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