Near Death Experience Links, interesting stuff.

This list contains NDE, spiritual, and inspirational material. I am interested in exchanging links with other NDE sites, as well as, related spiritual sites. If you know of a link that should be here, or if any of these links don't work, please email me.

 A Course in Miracles. (required reading)
 Beyond Indigo, Where Life Surrounds Death.
 Bibliography of the Out-of-Body Experience.
 Conspiracy City.
 Dharma Talks, Insights Learned From Near Death Experience
 Diane Goble, A Near Death Experience Beyond the Veil.
 Dr. Raymond Moody, NDE researcher, author.
 Elisabeth Hallett, Light Hearts, site about pre-birth.
 Love Is, Therefore We Are.
 Monroe Institute, research and training in OBEs, etc.
 Natalie's Love And Light.
 NDE Message Board, post your experience.
 NDE Space for you.
 Near Death Experiences Book written by the administrator of this site.
 Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife.
 Near Death Experience Research Foundation.
 Personal Survival After Death.
 P.M.H. Atwater, Near Death Experiencer, researcher, author.
 Phenomenon of the Pre-Birth Experience (PBE).
 Seth and Jane Roberts Book Store.
 The Psychic Times.
 Thoughtful Living Blog.
 Thoughtful Living Message Board.
 Thoughtful Living Proof of Life after Death.
 Victor Zammit, a Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife.

 After Death Communication Research Foundation.
 Afterlife Explorer, Author and Teacher, Bruce Moen.
 Book of Quotations, Line Pellerin.
 Exploring Your Eternal Essence, pre-pub. book.
 Point of Life -- enlighten mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.
 The hOMe Foundation, presents the Path of Kriya Yoga.
 The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey.

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