Quiz on Forgiveness

Objective: answer 9 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. Who receives the most benefit from forgiveness?

the person who forgives
the person who is forgiven
both benefit equally
neither benefit

2. Why is forgiveness important?

it releases the guilt
lets the forgiven off the hook
clears the air
frees the forgiver

3. When should you forgive?

as soon as you are asked
before you are asked
as soon as you feel hurt
after they say they are sorry

4. Who should you forgive?

family and friends
enemies and others you dislike
events, happenings, that hurt you
all of the above

5. What kind of things should you forgive?

small stuff, bruised egos, etc.
all things should be forgiven
stealing, fraud, murder, etc.
most things should be forgiven

6. Why should you bother to forgive anyone?

because it pleases God
it is the right thing to do
it releases you from the past
All of the above

7. How many times should you forgive a person?

as many times as they offend you
seventy times seven
once or twice is enough
until they grow up and learn better

8. Under what conditions does God forgive man?

when man prays for forgiveness
when man repents and changes
God does not forgive man
none of the above

9. Are there any things that can't be forgiven?

yes, things like suicide
if there isn't, there should be

10. Who is the hardest person for you to forgive?

your mother-in-law
your enemies
all of the above


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