reading, books that can help.

While most of the books listed below are not about NDEs they are consistent with what NDEs teach. I didn't list many NDE books. It is assumed that anyone interested in the subject will read plenty of them. In the NDE material you will find a wide variety of events, some of which appear to be contradictory. This is pretty consistent with life in general. The key is to look for things that are stable and reoccurring. Soon a pattern will emerge and knowledge will turn into wisdom.


A Course In Miracles.

Foundation for Inner Peace.
This book comes in three parts: text; workbook; and teachers manual. I recommend reading it in reverse order. First the teachers manual, then do the workbook, and last the text. It contains all that is needed to learn about God. It is a very popular book. It came into being in an interesting way, check it out.


Emmanuel's Book II, The Choice for Love.

compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton.
There is also a Book I and a Book III. I like this one the best, but all are excellent. Emmanuel handles the tough questions about life in a loving and instructive way. This is the type of book that you read again and again.


The Celestine Prophecy.

by James Redfield.
This book is a guide about using energy. It will tell you why you are where you are and help to direct your steps toward a positive, loving life. There is also a 10th Insight and a workbook available. Get them all, they are life-changing material.


Walking Through Illusion.

by Betsy Otter Thompson.
This book features a series of short stories about Biblical people. Each chapter focuses on the growth of a particular person, and each chapter is complete within itself. This is an excellent book to learn about spiritual growth.


Blessing in Disguise.

by Barbara R. Rommer, M.D.
If you have wondered about "negative" NDEs, this is the book to read. Betty calls them "Less-Than-Positive" and shows how they become "Blessings in Disguise" to the experiencer. A much needed addition to the NDE literature.


The Final Chapter, unraveling death's deeper meaning.

by Cindi Goodenough Welch, M.A., LADC.
This book examines death-related and other exceptional experiences. Explores a search for Truth. Explains the stages of psycho-spiritual transition. Truly a book of self-discovery.


The Birth Called Death.

by Kathie Jordan.
The remarkable story of one woman's journey to the other side of life. As a Near Death Experiencer this book rang true to what I experienced on the other side. I highly recommend this beautiful book.


The Search for Heaven, dvd.

by Grizzly Adams.
This was originally a TV presentation. An important show on the near death experience, this documentary brings the question of life-after-death up to date. It covers several famous NDEs and interviews both believers and skeptics. It is a must see for anyone interested in spiritual subjects.


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