Prayer, giving thanks.

Prayer is a way to reach God. It can not succeed until you realize that it asks for nothing. God answers all your questions before you ask; supplies all your needs before you request. Pray, then, to receive what is given; to accept what is already there. Real prayer is a melody of thanksgiving and love. Forget the things you think you need and let them go into God's hands. Prayer is a time of stepping aside; letting-go of the world; a time of peace and solitude; a time to listen and love. God will answer you from the vastness of forever. His answers are for all of eternity, yet contain the specific knowledge you want or need.

There are three Prayer Pages beyond this one. They are very similar. One contains music and a sample prayer for those who desire it. The next is silent with the words shown. The last is silent and without sample prayer.

Go to one of the pages and talk to God. Putting in His hands the things of this world. Visualize your thoughts going into the hands and following the light into the purple vortex above, then scattering themselves over the entirety of existence. Heard and answered by God.

Music Prayer Page         Words Prayer Page         Silent Prayer Page

The Healing Power of Prayer is well-known to those who use it regularly. I found an interesting story on the subject and included it for your enjoyment.

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