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February 2018
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The Silver Cord

I was just a toddler at the time and fell out of my cot. My twin sister was with me; we were standing in opposite corners and she sneezed! Apparently I was concussed and broke my collar-bone. I say ‘apparently’ because I have no memory after falling out of the cot, and my mother is long dead, so I cannot ask her. But what I did have a memory of was finding myself in the universe, looking down on planet earth in all its full-colour glory, the blackness of the universe making it stand out brilliantly. Please bear in mind that this was in the early 1950s, before satellites were up in orbit, and we didn’t even have a black and white television in our house! I was also too young to even know I lived on a planet called Earth that was in a vast universe. There was no tunnel with light at the end, by the way!

However, this abiding memory stayed with me and is one of my earliest memories. The most significant part of it was that I could see an immensely long silver cord connecting me to the Earth, way below. This cord appeared to be curved and on the left-hand-side of my photographic, snap-shot memory. Very suddenly I became aware of being pulled back to Earth at immense speed. Now, I had that memory all of my life and grew up in a household that did not believe any soul or spirit survives death. Near Death Experiences did not come to public attention till the 1970s – decades after my experience! But now I believe this showed how close to death I had come. I must have been clinically dead but was then revived. I reckon I could have been around the three year old mark or a little younger.

In light of what Ecclesiastes 12:6 says, my silver cord was not severed. That is still future, and I can hardly wait! It’s going to be so exciting!


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