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These are a few of the letters I have received from visitors. They represent what most say about this site. I am including them for those who are curious as to what others think.

...but your website has given me such an incredible sense of peace. Your site has some of the most loving and generous entries I've ever read. The story "Deke - a love story", Words of Wisdom by Michael and the poem "The Dash " all made me cry.

I like the music, the format, ... everything! Just when I think I've read most of it, another threshold opens filled with more goodness and love. And I carry the Affirmations with me everywhere. It truly is lovely.

Thanks again, all the best, K.


hello mate,
my name's c. and my email is (deleted) i am just writing to say thanx 4 ur web page, its a good read, interesting and informative. I' enjoy reading about near death experiences and i know that i can learn a lot from them. I read the story of deke, and thought it was something from which i and others could learn a lot. I hope u carry on with the good work that u r doing cos i'm sure it can help people, as well as me out there, esp those who are sad, lonely and unhappy. take care mate, and thanks for ur web pages,


I've read quite a bit of near-death-experiences on your webpage. I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me. Your page has been life-changing, a beacon of light in the darkness.


What a warm Soul you are. And your site is a Godsend. Would love to share some of my spiritual experiences with you and others but want to post in the right place. Maybe you can tell me where? Also would love to find a decent chatroom with others of likemindedness, suggestions?

B. in Spirit

I just want to thank you for the most complete NDE site I have ever seen. My wife and I are ordained Cherokee ministers, followers of Jesus. What has fascinated me is that the core beliefs that result from the NDE's (with one exception) are essentially the same as those found in our Cherokee beliefs and most Native American spirituality. The connection of all creation, the spirit and intelligence in every part of creation, the surpassing importance of love and respect not just for humans, but for everything. It's a blessing to see the high degree of correlation and the validation of our traditional beliefs. The one exception is reincarnation. That is not part of our traditional beliefs that I have ever been taught, but my mind is open to receive Truth, whatever it may look like. Thanks again, R.S.

I came to read your beautiful thanksgiving prayer and I tried to copy it but it is too fast for me to cope with the speed. I really like it. It's very touching. I hope you can send it to me that beautiful prayer so that I can recite every day to Thank and Praise the Lord.

You really touched me.

Thank you so much... God Bless you... A.

Because almost everything I share with you is the product of my empirical knowledge, I've little validation of the value of my knowledge. This web site is as valuable to me for the insights I gain from listening to you as is my being able to share my thoughts with you.

I find this very rare and simply amazing.


Thank you for your site. My brother 'crossed over' to the other side this last year from a heart attack at the very young age of 42 in perfect health while running in a park. He was a devoted father and husband, brother and son. We miss him dearly-although we know that he is in good hands with his wonderful Father. Reading interesing things here at your site is very comforting for us. Thank you again!!


Your website has just saved a life! Thank you! I will never understand how I stumbled upon this site, but I assure you, it was not intentional. I can only think it had to be a miracle. You see, I was about to end my life tonite. I came to the computer, to leave a note for my family. When I clicked on my notepad, your website appeared on my screen. A website I had no idea, even existed. The section regarding animals, is the reason I changed my mind. I've always believed, you can tell what a person is "really" like, by observing their attitude towards animals, and how they treat them.

Being reminded, there are still people like you in this world, who care enough about other living creatures, to treat them with the love and kindness they deserve, has given me the will to go on.

It's a wonderful site and I'll be returning often. Anon.

This website is absolutely wonderful. I have read page after page of truth and healing.


Dear Leroy,
Just checked in at your new web address and love the added 'safe space' for NDE'ers, and your expanded comments in the posting there.

What I have noticed about this 'place/plane' is that as in the first appearance of the 'angel encounters' in the media and in the mass awareness, it begins with the uncovering of marvellous and encouraging accounts, which like the NDE, give hope, light, and encouragement. Sooner or later, then the 'vultures' appear to discredit, commercialize, trivialize and worse yet offer counterfeits -- either made up, fantasized, or plagiarized!

Although never having a full blown NDE I have been spiritually 'open' throughout life, and I have great encouragement and hope in many NDE accounts, as they resonate with the deep core of my spiritual being. I am so very grateful that you and others have carried the torch, in providing a platform on the Internet for others to have access to these individuals through their accounts.

It's all here about sharing our stories. As the Master often reminded, "whoever has the ability to 'hear' let him/her listen". Of course, the spiritual essence of authentic NDE accounts powerfully resonates with the teachings of this Great Being Who truly walked both the physical plane and the heavenlies, as you make reference in your posting!

Again, thanks for your continued work to keep a window open to the Light!

Have a great day! C. (Florida)

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