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These are a few of the letters I have received from visitors. They represent what most say about this site. I am including them for those who are curious as to what others think.

I just want to let you know that you are so very wise!!! I've read alot
about the afterlife, NDE's, etc., and I have to tell you that I can
honestly subconsciously relate to your methods. I'm so impressed, and I
felt so much serenity after reading your pages. Thank you so much!! You
can bring so much faith to those of us who fear so much. There's nothing
to fear but fear itself. Thanks again -- M.B.

Hello Leroy

I really like your website. I think I've read every word on it by now!
As you mentioned, the same words can be found all over...they aren't new
at all to me...but your site has such an intense warmth about it. (Love, of course.)

I've never had an NDE, but they are so interesting to me, having grown up
with no spiritual background whatsoever. When I learned about
Christianity, I had the EXACT same feelings about the "sacrifice of God's
son...by God Himself" you did. You mentioned that you appreciate ACIM,
and I wanted to tell you that I do, as well, but I found Christian Science
even more lovely and powerful, and you might want to read some of Mary
Baker Eddy's writings, but somewhere you mentioned the seven synonyms for
God used in CS, and I realized that you must have at least some exposure to it.

Thank you for your site!!!!! -- L.

I just wanted to say thank you!
I´m a young man from Sweden that have been looking for a site like
this! I´ve also experienced the sense of "electric current" thru my body
one night when I was about to sleep. I had been reading in the bible in my
search for the "truth" but all I found was more questions! I felt really
bad and thought about ending this life myself, just to find out! I said a
prayer to God that he had to tell me the truth. After that I laid down and
was close to tears, thinking that he wouldn´t answer me anyway. Then
suddenly I felt like something was beginning to "boil" inside of me,
starting from my chest. This became more and more intense. At first I
liked the feeling, but after a while I became frightened so I sat up and
asked for it to stop. It continued perhaps a minute longer and then it
stopped. I have never told anyone about this because I guess people here
would just say that I´m crazy. I never left my body, but the feeling you
described really reminded me of my own experience. Thank you again for
this wonderful site! P.

I want you to know that reading your web page has given me a great
peace that I had forgotten. I have studied the Course in Miracles many
years and was struggling with it again and you helped me relax and
accept the Love that is mine. Many concepts you speak of sound like
Course related reading but doesn't really matter to me. It is all
Truth and helpful. Keep up the good work. If I can help please let me
know. -- W.G.

Just wanted to tell you thanks for the link to me on your site; and also
to say thanks for the great job you are doing with your site. Hope you
are having a good week. D.

I was so glad to find your home page and although I am not through all
your postings I am loving what I am reading. I have never had an NDE or an
OBE but I feel I have made quite a bit of spiritual progress in the last
few years through a 12 step program which sure agrees a lot with what your
philosophies seem to be after your NDE....G.B.

Dear Leroy,
This is just a short message to say how much I have enjoyed your website.
It is remarkably free of the sentimentality that accompanies many of the
sites that deal with NDE's and this lack makes your site very refreshing
and direct. Although I have not had an NDE or anything that could be
called a spiritual experience I find that my interests and concerns follow
closely those that have. I have felt for a few years now a strong urge to
read and understand everything I can about the experiences of people who
have had NDE's and those who have also experienced an awareness of the
'Greater Reality'. It is my hope that from reading about their experiences
and practising 'spiritual exercises' I too can bring about some of the
changes that many people undergo following contact with their true home.
Thank you for making these experiences more widely known.
yours, P.G.

Love definitely is it.
Keep up the good work.

Hello "Webmaster"
Your Website is awesome ... Near death experiences is a must for everyone
to know about ... I never had one but I've had strange dreams that are
somewhat connected to near death experiences...
Hope to see new things on your site. Take care, A.

I just discovered your webpage today, and I bookmarked it immediately.
What a wonderful site! I congratulate you for creating it, and I will be
back often to visit. It's great! Good luck with it! S.S.

There is a newsgroup called "alc.suicide" I tried many times to help
these people, but I am only one person. Now I find that every single
person that posts is pretty upset with life and wants to end it all.
Also it is interesting that I am the only one left to help them as every
one else left.

I hope you don't mind, but I want those people to visit your home page and
so I asked them to visit it. These people are just lost and you have
much good material for them. Thank you.

I found your page by random choice of the computer. I loved reading every
part of it. I would also like to share that since the age of 11, I have
experienced OBEs, but never have experienced an NDE. Thank you for
providing the opportunity to view your insights and opinions.

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