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These are a few of the letters I have received from visitors. They represent what most say about this site. I am including them for those who are curious as to what others think.

Hi., I just found your website. It is full of truth. I have not had an NDE, but I know there is much to be learned from their study. Everywhere I go I tell people about the loving God of the NDE, and I fight the belief in hell and the devil! I have family in Portugal and find that people there know next to nothing about the NDE. If you know of any basic information in Portuguese please tell me.The computer translations into Portuguese are so bad and make no sense. I have tried different ones and none of them work right. I am telling you this because the NDE information must reach the whole world! I thank you very much for your website. May it help to bring the love and peace of God to many people. Your friend: L. R.

Hi,    Your website is the best, most comprehensive one on NDEs that I have come across so far.
   The NDE accounts have confirmed what I have culled from books that might even remotely contain answers to the question why we are here on this earth. I started reading them in my teens -- 63 yrs old now. I had already decided that there is only one "rule or law", the "to love thy God...and thy neighbour etc" (not good at quoting), we should ideally all live by. If we truly love, we cannot intentionally hurt another living being.
   Your explanation of the different experiences in NDEs is the one I had arrived at. It seems the only logical explanation. I feel that it is only the breadth, width and depth of our mind/imagination which limit or expand our experiences.
   An article which I read once in the Scientific American, back in the 1960s, seemed to me proof that the brain is nothing but a conduit (hope it is the right word). By stimulating a part of the brain, doctors could make a man lift his arm. The man said that although they could make him lift his arm, they could not make him WANT to lift it. I have always found it curious that the people to whom I told this did not seem to understand.
   To get back to the NDE accounts. I enjoy reading them. They make me feel happier and more cheerful and I already am by nature a happy and cheerful person -- most of the time.
   By the way I took the test and was stopped at 6th heaven. Three more to go.
   I have never had an NDE but there have been moments that I felt homesick without knowing what I was homesick for. Perhaps now I know.
Thank you for creating this website. H.

Thank you for helping a single mom gain some hope in her life (me). I truly believe in God and I want to serve Him in anyway I can. I have printed out quite a bit of inspirational passages and placed them on my bulletin board so I can read them daily. I was going thru a lot tonight spiritually and this website have made me feel like I'm not alone, and I wanted to thank you for that. I will keep visiting your website and spread the word to my friends. thanks again, K.

Hello. You must get many e-mails like this, but I just want to thank you for your web site, which has been helping me through a difficult time in my life. I am trying to live in Love, and not to forget that I'm a spiritual being that has chosen this life. It's hard sometimes, but I'm trying, and you have helped me so much. Thank you. Peace and great happiness 2 U. W.M.

Dear Leroy,
My name is Anon and my country is Rwanda. In
1994 there was a tragedy here: a genocide. People are
still confused after 8 years. I know that there can't be
any other healer than love in this country. When I read
your messages on the internet, I wept of joy. They
do not understand the reason of life. I do. That is why
I wish you helped in spreading this information that
only LOVE can set free those who are alone and sad
because of this tragedy. I write this because I am
concerned about my country's future and hope that you
can but help us with God's power that's love and which
you seem to master. Warmful hugs. Anon

I've returned to your site a few times to reconnect
with the sense of peace that I find here about God and the afterlife.
What I find remarkable about the things you share here
is that they're all positive -- you don't easily find a lack of negative
and fear-inducing material about Near Death Experiences. Thanks.

Dear Mr. Kattein:
I want to thank you for your wonderful web site. Although I have not had a near death experience, I have received so much consolation from reading about the experiences of others -- especially since the death of my 41-year old son last April.
I want to wish you and your loved ones the best of health and happiness. Thanks again for your web site -- it is truly a blessing.
Sincerely, E.V.

Hi, my dad passed away just about three weeks ago.
I loved him dearly. He was the best father anyone could hope for,
and truly a wonderful friend who walked with love and embraced life.
I have been looking at websites about life after life,
and yours has been truly helpful.
Thank you for being a light for me.
Love in all your pursuits. I.

I simply love your website. It has given me much inspiration in a matter of 10 minutes. Who knew if I just typed what I felt into Google, I would find such a great resource of yours. More power to you. May the "Force" be with you :) ..T..

Would you please send me your affirmations list?
I love your website! Thank you for its beauty, truth, and comfort,
L. R.

I never knew the power of love until I went through your site, now I know without love, life has no meaning.
Myself, I'm from South Africa "Soweto" and like reading about near death experiences, but I have never came across such powerful words as said in your site...
Yours touched E.

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