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These are a few of the letters I have received from visitors. They represent what most say about this site. I am including them for those who are curious as to what others think.

Leroy, I loved reading your experience. What an adventure you had and continue to have. I love your website. Did you design it? What type of work do you or did you do? I share your beliefs about God. Religion, in my opinion, was created by people and used mainly to control people. I also believe that God, or pick your own word, is all about love. Jesus was all about love. How can anyone take issue with that? I believe that you and I and many others have transcended the human nature that so dictates how this world is run. I still battle with my human nature because it is a strong force. I fall very short of what I could be in the love department. I understand that the need to be successful is what has made us a strong civilization, but it has taken so much from our basic instincts.

I agree that God does not punish us. We punish ourselves. I have gained or learned to recognize my intuition. It tells me whether to stop or proceed. If I choose my own way against my intuition, I can count on a "beating." I believe everyone has this, but they live their lives not paying attention. What a shame. -- N.M.

Thank you Leroy for your website. Another interesting thing are the experiences of people who are near death and go on to die. I nursed both of my elderly parents during their final illness. One night my father said "I never believed in 'haints' before, but I do now." He mentioned that a departed lady we knew, who had had a painful cancer like my father, had visited him the night before. Twenty years later during the last few weeks my mother was alive, she told me one day "I know there's a God" this coming as the result of some experience she had had. Another time she said my father came and told her "I have to get back to something. We're as busy over here as you are over there." Just the kind of thing he would say. I bet hospice nurses could tell you a lot of interesting anecdotes. Thanks again for your humane and interesting website. -- J.T.

Hello Leroy,
Thank you for the help you gave a little time ago. Your prayers and your website were a real help to me. Greets, E.- The Netherlands

I found your NDE, and aftershocks very interesting. You're a lucky man, and it's our luck out here that you've had, and have conveyed these experiences to us. You and Robert A Monroe have done a lot to clarify the real purpose of the human condition. -- D.W.

What a wonderful and informative site! I hope you will keep up your good work.

You are helping people realize the way to true wealth and abundance -- realizing how powerful they really are and what they have access to as a spiritual being that just happens to be in a physical body.

Removing fear of the unknown helps everyone come from a place of love and spread it around the world. Thank you for the difference you are making!

Love,T. R.

I just wanted to say that your videos on You Tube have helped me a lot. Especially the ones about suicide. I have had a lot too deal with in life. Which many times has lead me into thoughts of suicide. Your videos though have brought me hope. Anyway, I just wanted to say "Thank You." -- C.J.

Hi Leroy, I have read many NDEs for many years now and love them. I have found them to be truths learned and meant to be shared and the reasons for coming back. Helps everyone. I really enjoy and appreciate your direct way of imparting the info and was so glad to have found today that your have videos on Youtube. Thank you for honoring your purpose here and spreading the love that you felt and want to share. People respond or get it when it is right for them or when they let go and let spirit shine within them. Our task is to be a loving reflection so that they might remember their own loving essence. It is such a pleasure to see you on video. You are inspiring and making a lovely difference, THANK YOU for coming back. Gisl

Thank you for this great website... I'm really depressed and have experinced much pain in my short lifetime, and I have tried too heal this pain, but with stupid things like drugs.... And of course it makes everything worse but I dont have the knowledge how too become "whole" in my soul.. And I've only read two pages here and it's soo true when I think of this relative easy step.. your thoughts are you!! You really saved my life and its no god worshipping that makes people like robots.. It's simple knowledge of you that's are the greatest truth I ever have experienced, it makes so much sense. I really love this, thank you!! You are my god. I don't have words too express how great this is for me and I think for many many more people in the world!! This is a real lifesaving site. M.H.

You are too kind! It is YOU who are the inspiration. You give so much to others.

I first learned about NDEs in school. And once I was in practice, I heard stories from patients. I do not have the capacity for language to express how much I appreciate hearing these stories. I know doctors who try to explain them as brain events, but most will tell you they absolutely cannot. The reason is that NDEs are NOT brain events. They are REAL events. I am absolutely certain... I've heard it too much and seen to many changes in people not to understand this.

If I do half the good with my life that you are doing with yours, I shall consider myself a great success.

XO, A.

I just love reading all the thoughts and information on your site! Thank you for being one of the light bringers, you touch more people than you will ever know!! :) -- J.A.

I love your website. I had a very intense spiritual experience that lasted one week. I have been studying world religions, spiritual text, mediums, channeled material, and NDEs. I love reading these stories because they remind me of how I felt during my experience. -- Sandman


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