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These are a few of the letters I have received from visitors. They represent what most say about this site. I am including them for those who are curious as to what others think.

I really enjoyed the affirmation it is helping me realize who I already am and helping me feel good about the unique person that I am. L.

Please make sure that your website will not disappear when you die...It's such a wonderful resource...
(I'm guessing you've already taken steps in this regard, but if you haven't...) ;)D.


I just want to thank you for your website. I grew up Catholic and then, as an adult seeking answers, became deeply involved in Christian fundamentalism, both of which left only disillusionment, disappointment and pain. After much suffering and confusion I only want the truth now. This website has provided much needed information and direction for me. I have read enough NDE's now to conclude that God does exist and I think he loves me with no strings attached regardless of what I have been taught. It is very difficult to reconcile near death experiences with my previous bible teachings because it doesn't sit well with bible fundamentalists. At this point - I don't care anymore. The extreme confusion I have experienced has left deep scars, but I have found this website very helpful in rethinking some things with the hope of starting over again. I'm not sure I can ever really do this completely now because I'm no longer a young person and my age is working against me but thank you for pulling this information together.

Regards, J.W.

Thank you so much for describing your NDE. I'm a counselor who often works with victims of abuse and I know that internalized negativity affects us spiritually, but that there is hope. Love overcomes everything. I myself have not had an NDE, and am usually skeptical. But I believe I can usually tell when someone's testimony is sincere, such as yours. My prayers are with you. Please pray for me as well. T.

Hi, thought I would pop in here and join up. I must say that the web site is one of the best I've ever seen....well done!

I will be telling all about it and hope that I can help send folk this way?

PLEASE KEEP IT UP (Smiley from Scotland)

Thank you for sharing your near-death experience. You certainly have lost a lot, and I hope things are better since you wrote about your experience.

I myself have not had an NDE, but somehow reading about these experiences has helped me become a better, more loving person.

From other near-death experiences I've read, I can only conclude that you must be a very evolved soul to have chosen to suffer so much in this life. (Not that you consciously choose your life. None of us do.) In the spiritual realm, those who endure hardships are the masters. I admire you. T.

Dear Leroy!
I regularly read accounts on your website and I can´t thank you enough for sharing your extra-ordinary knowledge. Learning about God´s forgiveness and loving nature has helped me a great deal. I feel that your work in the field of spirituality, NDEs and the afterlife is extremely precious and I encourage you to go on sharing your message. -- TB

I absolutely love this site. Thank you, CC

Dear LeRoy
I certainly did enjoy your beautiful website and all the words of wisdom. (In case you are trying to place me, I am in your NDE circle on Saturdays at the Library.)

If you recall you gave me your card last Saturday...It is obvious that your experience has resulted in a powerfully important MISSION...to educate others about what life is 'all about'. Thanks for all the knowledge, energy and positive input that you give to others, especially young suicides. Knowledge is Power and in knowing these facts it can help them abort some grave mistakes. I am a retired social worker so I know how much suffering there is in the world. God Bless you in your work. I am certain God gave you this assignment, knowing it would be carried out diligently. -- B.

I would like to say thank you so much for this website. It has been the best thing I have discovered. I lost my Father 3 months ago and finding your website has helped me and given me the courage to go on. I have always believed in life after death, being from a catholic background, but this is only just confirmed it for me. Reading this has changed my life forever. I have learnt so much more about life. Everytime I have my down days with my grieving I go to your website. I know now that my father is in a better place looking over us, and it just brings me so much peace knowing that. You will never know just how much you have helped. Thank you once again for giving me strength. God bless you for giving hope to peoples lives. -- T.

I love you. This site is a gift from God. -- G.

Dear Leroy,
I have never had an NDE (that I recall). I am 42 and lost one of my precious children (16 year old daughter) to a violent death 2 years and 1 month ago today. I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since that terrible night. I have been seeking diligently for answers. Praying constantly for enlightenment. I have traveled many paths on this journey. Mostly deep and severe depression. I just wanted to thank you and all that have shared their experiences here. Your site sort of 'fell in my lap' about 5 days ago while I was searching "dreams" in an effort to make sense of mine. I have been immersed in this site almost non-stop since then and have passed the link to many of my friends. My dear old friend of many years just lost her son 2 nights ago and I felt that the wisdom I have gained here has helped me to help her in so many ways. She has a long road ahead of her and I don't think she is emotionally capable of handling it...I feel almost as though all the suffering I have endured will now guide me to ease her's. Almost as if it is my purpose. I am still of course learning, BUT am ever the curious student and will now above all do my best to LIVE IN LOVE and ONLY LOVE. Changed? Yes indeed. You have brought THE LIGHT back to me. GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you doesn't seem adequate, but I am grateful. I have endless reading yet at the site...but felt compelled to show my appreciation thus far.

With great admiration, T.

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