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These are a few of the letters I have received from visitors. They represent what most say about this site. I am including them for those who are curious as to what others think.

wow... That's a word I rarely use in my life. A couple years ago I had some thoughts about killing myself, I'm only 15 and I wish I knew about this site 2 years ago. Just reading the things on this site makes me want to go out and help other teens...

"Life kicks you in the butt, just fight back". B.

I am a professional psychic medium and author.

Your site is very wonderful and very informative and I wanted to take the time to thank you for putting together a site that is so helpful in understanding this process to others.

I would love to link your site the next time I do up grading which will be soon.

I will be working on my third book soon about after-life connections and stories from people who have had them.

love and light, P.B.

I have grown so strong it is amazing! Thank you for everything. I continue to read all the stories. I wish we could meet in person, but I am sure it is not possible, if it is let me know. Thank You again so much! Love S.

It may not conform to any of the rules of web "elements of style" but it is chock full of information, encouragement, wisdom, and last, but by no means least, lots of L O V E !

Thank you for not leaving it to rot on your hard drive :-)

Hello, I just wanted to say that I think it is great to see web sites like this one. This is definetly one of my favourite ones that I can can go to when I'm feeling a little depressed, or if I just need a little boost from time to time. I have never had a Near Death Experience before, but the knowledge that I have gained from reading about them has made me much, much more aware of others. N. Australia.

Wanted to write and wish you all the very best this Christmas. I feel blessed this year, you are part of that. Having meet you via your web site and subsequent e-mail communication has given me a loving mirror of myself and accomplishments. You also show me a solid foundation of beliefs that empower and support me and my choices. You prove that the Unseen is real, think about our relationship.....? I have never seen you in person!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet I believe you exist and I feel your care and love in our communication. So I can take a further leap to believe that the Unseen God is real because I FEEL it and do not see it. My spirit receives Light and positive info from you and all the Unseen helpers and spirits that succor those souls on this plane of existence and thought. You are part of the legion of helpers that reach out to fellow travelers to teach but more importantly..........to share.........the ONLY gift that we can truly give.

I feel that there is no greater gift than to feel at HOME and I do so often now. I know what feeling lost and isolated is like, I know what hell is, I created it and had to visit it once upon a time.........so my appreciation for the simple pleasures of Home in my heart are very evident to me this season. I look with awe upon the path that Spirit has lead me and brought me ever so gently to. The souls that have graced my path are of the highest order of spiritual evolution and continue to come my way and amaze me.

I now have the tools and gracious Help that tell me "I" have the choice of happiness, Christmas is here and I can not but help reflect on the Love that has helped me and given me new life and forgiveness for my thoughts and actions. Better and better is how I feel when I speak to you. Always that I have choice, always that I have Love, always that I am OK. My heart overflows this day for all God has brought to me via my relationships. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!! G.

Terrific site. You are providing wisdom and a wonderful service to your fellow humans. I knew something like this had to exist after I had a 'realization' while counting paint spots on the ceiling in 1975 when I couldn't sleep. My experience was not as vivid or visual, but similar nonetheless. I was not able to convey the knowledge I was shown and just stopped trying to explain it. Thanks to your site and those similar, I am now able to re-connect a little to the Oneness. Now at least I know I am not crazy and similar things have happened to others. Thank you for your site and your efforts, they are very much appreciated. -- T.M.



Hi there, I have never had an NDE, but I have ALWAYS had a fascination with them, I had a very bad experience last year, which in itself was something and nothing, but when it happened I called out to Jesus from the bottom of my heart and he came and has NEVER left me. Since that happened I have always felt something like a "loving" presence. You know that feeling you get when someone's in the room, well it was like that. Any prayers I have prayed have always been answered. Around two weeks ago, I prayed to The Lord for some faith and trust as I was having a wee faith crisis. Then, surfing one night, I came across these NDE sites, and as I read the NDE's, I couldn't stop crying. It was like I was a crying child being comforted, by The Lord. I should've realised He would NEVER let me down. You are blessed. Thank you for sharing your experience my friend. Go in love and peace. -- M.


Thanks for your website. My beloved boyfriend passed away suddenly last Sept. when he was only 34, this website gives me hope and comfort by knowing that he is OK in another world.

I really enjoyed reading A Near Death Experience, No. 155 (title Optional). Is there anyway I can contact the author, if he doesn't mind? I am a software engineer.

Thank you very much! L.


I just want to thank you for your site.

Greetings from Germany, T.

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