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January 2018
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Life After Death

Can we know that we will live after the death of our bodies. Current research indicates that we will continue to live after death. Knowing this, what will you do with the rest of your life?

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The Source

The Source is the Creator of all things everywhere, the Source has many names in many different cultures. Here we call the Source “God.” There are no accidental creations, all things have purpose and meaning. We have taken a physical body in order to learn this purpose and meaning. Our bodies may be fragile, become weak, feel alone, and fearful, but we are not our bodies. We are not weak nor fearful, as long as we remember our Source.

We are born of God, we are His children, and in His image. That means we existed before our birth to physical parents, and we shall live after our mortal body ceases to be. We are eternal beings born of God, and reborn into the physical life of man.

God is our real Father. His love for us is unconditional. He loves us for who and what we are, His children. Our future is safe and secure, God’s love does not waiver for any reason.

There are many in the physical who say we must do this, or we must do that in order to be worthy of God’s love. They are wrong. God’s love is our birthright, it is our’s freely given by God. There is nothing we must do or not do to achieve His love. God accepts us just as we are. We were created in His perfection and will remain perfect whatever happens during our physical journey. His love is always there, no one can take it from us, nor can anyone deceive us into believing we have lost God’s love. God’s love is greater than any mistake we will ever make. His love is unconditional, it is given asking nothing in return.

However, there may be some that don’t feel God’s love, and safety, some that can’t find their connection to the Source. Their physical body is full of fear, pain, anxiety, and depression. They wrongly believe they are their physical body not allowing love to enter for fear it will hurt them. They hold tightly onto the hurts of the past instead of forgiving those hurts and dismissing them. They falsely believe others don’t like them when it is they that don’t like themselves. Yet it is unknown to them that it is love that completes the connection to the Source. It is your love of God and His creations that connect you to the Source.

Allow your heart to open and receive God’s love for you, it is totally free, no strings attached. Love yourself as God loves you, just the way you are, no need to change anything, love yourself for who and what you are, God’s child whom He loves dearly. Love all of yourself every beauty and blemish, every good habit and bad, every good deed and bad, every good thought and bad, accept all your past and love it. Forgive those who have hurt you, for they know not what they do.

Carry an attitude of love wherever you go, into whatever you do and say. Become the love you desire. Pass that love to others and watch it return to you doubled. Hold your head up, you are not your body, you are God’s child.

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Out-of-Body Characteristic

The typical near death experience starts with going out of body. If this happens in an emergency room on the operating table the patient experiences himself above his body floating near the ceiling of the room. If he is in a car wreck he will be floating above the wreck observing all the activity going on below. The location doesn’t matter.

While out-of-body the experiencer will be able to observe all the activity below and around him. This is usually a great surprise to the experiencer and he tries to contact people around him, but soon finds they can neither see nor hear him. It is at this point the experiencer realizes he is dead. Dead yet fully alive with all the faculties of his consciousness intact.

This is no dream, illusion, or hallucination, we know that it is real due to the years of research done, and still being done, on near death experiences. While science can’t measure the out-of-body sequence because it is a personal experience, they can measure the accuracy of the observations of an experiencer while he is out of body. This has been done hundreds of time. These experiences are called veridical near death experiences. They are experiences that have been verified by attending surgeons and staff.

In a veridical near death experience, the patient dies on the operating table, and goes out of body. While out of body the patient observes the doctors frantically working on his now dead body in an attempt to bring it back to life. While this is going on the out-of-body patient observes the doctor’s and staff’s behaviour, and hears every word the doctor and staff say. He may even notice unusual things like someone knocking over a stool or dropping an instrument. When he is brought back to life, he re-enters his body, opens his eyes, and tells the doctor what just happened to him, and describes what he saw while out of body. The doctors and staff verify as accurate his description of what happened while he was clinically dead. This accuracy verification is what makes the experience a veridical near death experience.

These veridical NDEs were responsible for starting the research into near death experiences. More than one surgeon gave up his surgical career to devote full time to researching near death experiences. Now after over 30 years of research at dozens of universities with hundreds of doctors participating, the evidence clearly shows that our consciousness will survive the death of our bodies. We are spiritual people inhabiting a physical body, and that we do not die.

I will show some links below to much of this research for those interested in reading more about this subject.

A recently published book outlining the research on near death experiences.

A link showing more links to many of the studies and research done on near death experiences.

A well documented veridical NDE of a surgery.

Some documentaries on near death experiences.

Another writing on veridical NDEs.

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Where Did Consciousness Come From?

Mind, psyche, spirit, soul, are words used to describe the phenomenon of consciousness. It is our consciousness that determines our individuality. We are our consciousness. There is no good definition of consciousness, nor can it be shown where consciousness resides in body. Many think the brain produces the consciousness which is basically you. This would mean you have been created by your brain. But there is no proof of this, nor is there any physical proof of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, residing in the brain. Brain activity is all science has to examine brain functions, and this activity has not been proved to be coming from the brain, or going to the brain as it is measured. Current near death research shows that consciousness and brain are two separate entities. That consciousness continues to live and function after the brain and body are clinically dead.

Consciousness has been thought to evolve with the evolution of the species, but this seems to be wrong. It is consciousness, or self-awareness that determines the boundaries of self. So how could life appear without boundaries of self. Then at the same time self is defined by consciousness, not-self is also defined. So if life evolved without consciousness it would not be able to determine itself from the world it lived in. How would it know what to eat as nourishment? It could eat itself and not be aware without consciousness to guide it. If this sounds strange it is because it is strange. It shows the lack of rational thought put into the beginning of life as taught by science.

Science also teaches it was a fortunate random mix of chemicals that started life. A primordial soup so to speak. But if the world was randomness at that stage of evolution then why didn’t the randomness quickly change, and destroy the early mixture of chemicals, and life with it soon after it had been created. There are far too many assumptions here to be believable for me. That random changes formed an ideal situation for life to begin, then ceased to be random so that the fragile beginning of life would have time to grow, and not be destroyed by the next wave of randomness.

The only rational belief, seems to be that life started with consciousness, so there never was any randomness involved in the creation of life, nor the creation of the universe. So where did this consciousness come from?

It would have to come from a greater consciousness. I want to try to make the word consciousness more personal, because it is personal. When you say “I am” you are defining your being, you are defining your self. This includes self-awareness, of both self and not self, it includes your individuality, as you know that you are you. This is very important, so stop, and think about what “I am” means to you. This is the eternal part of you, your core being, in the spiritual world. This is the part of you that never changes. In the physical world you may have many names, jobs, locations, visit many places, explore new territories, but you will still be the same “I am” in the spiritual world that you are right this moment. You may, in the physical world, have many deaths of the body, illnesses, beliefs, memories, or loss of memory, you may even become insane, but you will still be the same “I am” in the spiritual world that you are right this moment. This knowing of the “I am” is your connection to the greater consciousness. There may be times in your physical life that you connect with the greater consciousness. Spiritual experiences that you never forget.

So consciousness, your consciousness, comes from the greater consciousness. In the spiritual world all consciousnesses, or people, or individuals reside in the greater consciousness. You are part of the greater consciousness and it a part of you. That is why during a near death experience when you return to the greater consciousness all knowledge is available for you. You have only to question and the answer appears in thought.

The greater consciousness is sometimes called God, and no one knows where God came from, so it is generally accepted that God or the greater consciousness has always been, it has no beginning, no end.

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