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January 2018
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Brain Waves Surge

Brain Waves Surge Moments Before Death

Quoting from the study below:

A study of seven terminally ill patients found identical surges in brain activity moments before death, providing what may be physiological evidence of “out of body” experiences reported by people who survive near-death ordeals.

Doctors at George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates recorded brain activity of people dying from critical illnesses, such as cancer or heart attacks.

Moments before death, the patients experienced a burst in brain wave activity, with the spikes occurring at the same time before death and at comparable intensity and duration.

Writing in the October issue of the Journal of Palliative Medicine, the doctors theorize that the brain surges may be tied to widely reported near-death experiences which typically involve spiritual or religious attributes.

I believe the theory to come out of this study is correct up to a point. Near death experiencers report a buzzing sound followed by a loud pop as they exit their bodies at the beginning of their experience. (This could very well be the brainwaves surge measured by this study.) While out of body they see the light, and experience all the other facets of the near death experience before reentering their bodies.

In the above study the people were close to dying from terminal illnesses, so when they exited their bodies with a brain waves surge of energy they did not return. Their lives were over. So the study covers the body exit, but it does not explain the many facets of near death experiences.

Near death experiences are real and we have the proof say scientists. There is no reason to believe NDEs are anything other than what the experiencers say they are, no evidence of any kind that they are local events within the brain, while there is a great deal of evidence that they are non-local events and very real.

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