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January 2018
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Hate Groups

Those who hate have no place
Show no face in America
Isolated by their fright
They form assemblies in the night
Passing their terror onto others
Who know them not nor why?
They’ve forgotten where they are
A land of freedom far
Removed from fear and hate
A place of rights for everyone
Rights to life, and liberty
Gained by hostility to all
Tyrants eager to destroy
American land of the free
You have these same rights
Don’t you hold them close?
When your hate is confronted
Your existence depends on
American rights undisturbed
Yet you deny others this
Freedom given by law
Turn your hate into curiosity
Study everything
Create an upswing in your life
Through knowledge
Understanding lessens fear
Appreciate what we hold dear
Join our freedoms cheer
Learn to love

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Hell Fire Cool Water

Hell Fire Cool Water

This book is a journey into life. It travels through the fears of hell fire and other life changing events into the cool water of peace and love. It was my journey and I want to share it with you. Maybe you won’t find the road as bumpy as I did if you know where the pot holes lie.

As a youth, in church, I was taught about a God that could be loving, jealous, or angry with me depending on how I believed or acted. Only it just wasn’t that clear what I needed to do to appease Him. If I did the wrong thing this God would send me to hell where I would be punished forever. I would burn eternally in the fires of hell. I was a sensitive child, and it bothered me. Although I believed I was doing all the right things, I could never be sure. So I developed anxiety about my life and started to have anxiety attacks. I lost confidence in myself and didn’t know what choices to make. I lost motivation, just didn’t care anymore. I was afraid of this less than loving God. I couldn’t take any more of the teachings, so as I grew older I quit church.

In High School I joined the chess club and attended the school football games. I dated a girl whom would later become my wife. The fears of hell began to subside as I got on with my life. I forgot all about religion and considered it something to avoid. When I joined the Navy and got caught in the middle of Hurricane Audrey I remembered how to pray, everyone on the ship was praying. We got through the storm with only injuries and a badly beaten ship. In college I began to learn about religion. It helped to lessen my fears of hell. I read Bible history, comparative religions and church doctrine. I was gaining knowledge that would help me understand life, and was enjoying it.

Later I worked in the typesetting business and finally became the owner of a typesetting plant. It was hard work and changed rapidly as computers came upon the scene. There was a lot to learn, and the hours became longer for me. My health was declining from the long hours, so I tried harder to get the business stabilized. But once more in my life I would face death. I had a heart attack. It was a mild one, but it made me think about the afterlife again.

Then later, in the wee hours of morning I had an experience that allowed me a glimpse of the afterlife. I went out of my body. I was surrounded by love and compassion that was as cool water on a fevered brow. I knew I had met the real God; the one I knew existed. I felt motivated again; I was fully alive and starting on a new adventure of helping others. But I needed to heal myself first. There’s a chapter on how this happened.

If you decide to read this book, I believe it will help calm any fear of God or the afterlife. God is love.

Ken Katin

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What is God?

I have been asked this question many times, and the answer is easy. God is love, unconditional love. Religions, doctrines, theologies, and rituals are all meaningless. If you would know God, walk the path of unconditional love and soon you will feel His hand in your hand.

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Update to My Perfect Storm

When I was in the Navy I went through a hurricane in the Gulf and wrote an article about it on this blog called “My Perfect Storm.” Since that writing I have been contacted by another person, Tom Ferstl, who was also there with me. Tom was the Helmsman during the hurricane and answered many questions I had about the event. The hurricane occured in late June of 1957. It was a big one named Hurricane Audry. We had previously visited Dry Tortugus and Cuba. I also learned sadly that the Captain of the Willett, LCdr Robert J. Fay was the very first Navy Seal killed in Vietnam.

I will list below the email we exchanged and below that are the pictures he sent. This event happened over 53 years ago, I remember the hurricane vividly, but needed some help on the dates.

I just stumbled across your site. If the storm you are referring to was in 1957 or 1958, I don’t remember, but I was the helmsman during a similar such hurricane, and we had visited Dry Tortugas!

Yes, it could have been either one of those years, around July. Email me and we can compare notes.

Thanks for the response. I usually check out search for the Willett and see if there are anyone interested in or holding a reunion. No such luck, but I did come across your website and your story of the Perfect Storm which I thought was excellent.

In looking back at my memorabilia I determined that it was in 1957 because in 1958 there were only two radarman; RD2 Eugene Gilliam and RD3 Louis Thomassie. In 1957 I was on the deck force and a helmsman. In 1958 I was transferred to the Operations Department under RM1 Francis Miller as a RMSN(Striker).

The CO was LCdr Robert J. Fay who became the very first Navy Seal killed in Vietnam.

As I recall, we usually took our reserves down to Cuba, Canal Zone, Haiti, Barenquilla, etc and back to NO. We did stop in Dry Tortugas in 57 but that changed so in 58 we made a cruise to Quebec via Charleston, Brooklyn, Boston and to Quebec and the cruise was over 30 days at sea. The cruises to the Carribean was 2 weeks with a weekend in port.

If you like, I can email you an update photo of the Willett. That photo you have is a WWII photo. I am on my laptop and my photo’s are on my workstation.

Sorry but I forgot to even mention the storm. As I mentioned I was a helmsman and for some reason I had a talent for that DE and keeping her on the bearing. So, whenever we went into turbulant waters, I would be called to the bridge to relieve the helmsman. The CO liked the way I responded to OOD orders and maintained the bearing.

I was called to the bridge that time and when the swells became very great, I was actually lashed down to keep me at the wheel. I remember most of the reservists became violently sick and many of the crew. For some reason I was never sea sick in my 9.5 years in the Navy? I learned to eat saltine crackers to keep from being seasick.

The reason we got into that storm actually Hurricane Audry because during that time, we had no satellite or early warning and had to go by barometer readings and international morse code weather broadcasts which had to be analyzed. We actually was steaming towards the front rather away from it!

Do you recall which ports we visited on that cruise?

Did you stay in the Reserves? For me, I spent 9.5 years in the Navy after 2-tours in Vietnam and then transferred to the USAF where I retired from in 1977.

Thanks so much for writing me. Yes, I would like to have the picture of the Willett. We went to Cuba on that trip with a stop at Dry Tortugas as my memory serves. I was actually a radarman on the ship as a reserve. I said in the writing I saw the storm on radar about 30 minutes before it hit us. I will never forget that night if I live to be a hundred. When I looked at the picture of Captain Fay I recognized him instantly. He became very sick also after the event was over.

Do you remember the motor whale boat being cut in two by a wave and the crew that went out to chop the remains of it off the ship? In 1957 I was 20 years old, and I am 73 now. Did you see a picture of me on my site under the personal info? If you have a picture of yourself I might remember you as I did the captain. I may have a picture of myself as I look then if I can find it.

I joined the Naval Reserve in 1954 for an eight year enlistment. When it was over in 1962 I went back to being a civilian. I enjoyed my cruises in the Navy, I loved the ocean, except for that hurricane.

If you remember more please write I truly enjoyed your letters.

Here are some photos. The photo of me and the wife was taken several years go. After we put the Willett out of commission in Orange Texas, I went home in Feb 1959. She and I got married and we now have 4 sons, 14 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren with another great-grandchild on the way. It has been a very interesting ride.

New Picture of U.S. Willett, 1959.

Tom and his wife, 1959.

Me and my wife to be, 1957.

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