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January 2018
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Why would anyone . . .

Why would anyone choose materialism as the only thing available in this world today. Materialism is nihilistic, dead-ended, without hope, meaning, or purpose. Materialism says we are accidents, created by a fortuitous random mix of chemicals, and developed into our present state through evolution. The universe created by the Big Bang.

When you could choose spiritualism. A belief in a loving Creator, who created it all. In spiritualism we are eternal, we have hope, and our lives have purpose and meaning. The good things we do will continue on with us into eternity. We have a reason for trying to improve ourselves and to grow in wisdom and knowledge. A reason to learn about ourselves and to love ourselves and others.

The choices are there. No one can prove for sure which is right. There is no solid evidence for either save what we hold in our hearts and mind. We were not in attendance at the beginning of this world and/or life. We can only read or study about what others assume happened.

I had a near death experience and saw the spirit world first-hand so the choice for me was decided not by my assumptions, but by my experience. I am a spiritual person, created by a Higher Intelligence that loves me, and gave me free will, and eternal life.

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