Listings of Near Death Experiences.  (LARGER NDEs)

All Near Death Experiences on this site are important and should be read. Each is a personal message to the experiencer. Listed below are some of the larger and more detailed NDEs for those who want to study them first. NDEs are real spiritual events, great teachers of the spiritual reality in which we live.

(13k)     12 -- Theo de Backer.
(23k)     14 -- Ginny Rivers.
(10k)     19 -- The Birdies.
(15k)     33 -- Quest for Truth.
(23k)     34 -- God is only Love.
(14k)     79 -- Spiritual Experiences.
(17k)     80 -- Walking with Jesus.
(12k)     88 -- NDE in Dentist Chair.
(13k)     92 -- My Story.
(17k)   106 -- Shirley's NDE.
(29k)   122 -- My Greatest and Worst Night.
(64k)   160 -- Love Is, therefore We Are.
(11k)   162 -- Two NDEs, One Good, One Not So Good.
(10k)   178 -- My Journey Back, Two NDEs.
(10k)   179 -- Free Electron's NDE.
(14k)   180 -- Multiple Experiences.
(49k)   260 -- The Late Great Me.
(17k)   270 -- A New Hope.
(37k)   275 -- The Day That Lives Forever!


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