A Near Death Experience, No. 178.

My Journey Back, Two NDEs.

I am a Hospice and Near Death Counselor.
I have had two Near Death Experiences in my life.

Following is two chapters out of my upcoming book to be entitled My Journey Back.

Chapter 1, The Crossing

I was nine years old, and I was not in very good health. I was diagnosed with Tonsillitis which in turn became Rheumatic Fever. This was back in the late fifties and about all they could give you was Penicillin and Sulfur drugs. I was also confined to a wheel chair and kept home for two years. I had a tutor come to my house for those two years so I would not miss school. It was at this time in my life that I experienced my first crossing to the other side.

It was very early one morning when I came down with a very high fever. My mother and my father (my two best friends) took me to the doctor. My doctor told my parents that I had pneumonia along with my Rheumatic Fever. I was given a whole lot of shots and told to go home and rest. On the way home I had a reaction to the shots and contracted Hives. The Hives were in my throat and on my tongue. I couldn't breathe.

It was at this time my father took me back to the doctor's office. There I was given another shot to make the Hives go away. Again my parents started to take me home and again I had a reaction to the shot that was given to me to make the Hives go away. On the way home for the second time, I started having convulsions and swallowing my tongue. At this point I was choking to Death and the only thing my mother could do was to insert her fingers into my mouth and hold onto my tongue. I almost bit off two of her fingers during the process of holding my tongue. My father was busy calling the ambulance and the doctor. This time they would take me straight to the hospital. My fever was around 104 and I was still having convulsions due to the allergic reaction to the medicine. They were wheeling me down the corridor, and doctors and nurses were everywhere. It was at this time that I had my first encounter with the other side.

All of a sudden I found myself floating in the corner of the room. I knew one thing for sure; it sure felt good to breathe again. I was looking down at the floor but it didn't bother me because I could move without walking. I just kind of glided through the room wherever I wanted to go. I felt so happy and so alive. Almost like an explorer finding a new country.

It was at this time I moved into a hallway. I could see people everywhere, but why couldn't they see me? Oh! Maybe they were to busy, I thought. I saw doctors, nurses and even a delivery man. Nobody could see me, and I couldn't figure out why. Then I saw a minister with a Bible. I thought if anybody would take time to talk to me, he would. I could still glide through the air anywhere I wanted to go, so I followed the minister into the room I had come out of. Once back in the room, I retreated back into the safe corner I had come from at the beginning. What I saw next would startle me, but not really scare me. I looked down at the end of the bed and there stood a man and a woman. They were both crying and holding hands. Things were a little fuzzy (like looking through a mist) so I moved closer. Oh! My goodness. It was my mother and my father (my two best friends). What were they crying about? I called out, Mom, Dad, I am up here, but they did not look at me or talk to me. I am starting to wonder what is really going on when the minister approaches my mother and father with his Bible, and begins reading to them.

It is then that I wonder whom the three of them are talking to. I looked at the bed and WOW! it's me. I was lying there very still in bed and not moving. But I thought, how can I be down there if I'm up here? It was at this time I heard the minister give me my last rites. At that time I felt a sudden sensation pulling me back into my body. I didn't want to go back because I felt real good where I was at. I was told that I must go back and continue with my Earthly lifestyle, and that my parents loved me and needed me very much. (You see, I am adopted and my parents could have no children. I am the only child).

At this time I opened my eyes and everybody was happy and hugging me. You see, I had slipped into a coma and had been given 24 to 48 hours to live. Everybody thought that this nine-year-old had been in a deep sleep. They just didn't know that he had made his first trip to the other side.

It wasn't until I was 17 years old that I mentioned it to my parents. We were sitting at the kitchen table one night and I told mom and dad, that I had something to share with them. I said, Remember the time when I was nine years old, and you two were in the hospital room with me. My dad said, "sure we do." I said to them, "I could see you." Puzzled, my father said, there is no way you could see us, you were in a coma. I told him he didn't understand. I could see you from the other side. He said, "Son, you have been watching to much Twilight Zone." (Big hit back then). I looked right at my mom and dad and said, "You were not alone. You had a minister with you giving me my last rites." My father looked at my mom and said, "How could he know that?" I told them that the minister had on a brown jacket with a blue tie. It was at that point my father dropped his can of beer and became a believer.

I had been given a very special gift, but would not realize it until much later in life.

Chapter 3 Crossing Again

Knowing the gift

It was a Fall evening in 1998, and I was walking home from work. I only lived 10 blocks from work so I didn't have far to go. I was about 1 block from home when a car pulled over and five guys got out with baseball bats. I was beaten and left to die, but I don’t remember much about the beating. I do remember falling in somebody's front yard and the next thing I know, it is 32 days later.

I was taken to the hospital where I had a broken back, convulsions, and seizures. I had total organ failure. My Kidneys, Lungs, and Brain all failed to function. I was put on life support in I.C.U. My children were planning my funeral.

It was at this time I went on the most beautiful and wonderful journey of my life. A journey to love, compassion, and the Planes of Knowledge. A journey into time where time does not exist. A journey to the other side. The journey home. I walked along a great path; a path that answers all the questions you could ever think of. I came to know it as the Spiritual Path to Knowledge. Where questions about Creation were asked, you only had to look within. For you are the essence of Creation. I learned that compassion, love, and caring has alot to do with where our soul starts its journey on the other side. Forgiveness is one of the greatest assets of all. Not only to forgive others, but most of all to forgive yourself.

You couldn't really say I was walking down this path. It was more like, when I wanted to be somewhere all I had to do was think of where I wanted to be, and I was there. The abundance of knowledge I was picking up was unbelievable to me. Then I was told, if I came back, I could not bring some of it back with me. There are many questions that will never be answered, until we have crossed to the other side. I saw Beings of Light. The ones with a deeper knowledge of love, compassion, and caring had a brighter and more intense light. They were almost of a higher power. I was told they were the Teachers of the Light. The light was so bright and intense, but like my mothers light, (that's a whole different story) you could stare at it and never blink your eyes.

I continued on my path of knowledge until I came to a beautiful green pasture. I absorbed all of the knowledge that I could from this beautiful setting. I was told and shown that all creatures have a soul and a spirit. That we should care for and love all creatures, whether they be two-legged, four-legged or otherwise. It was a beautiful arena of beings, were love flowed everywhere.

It was at this time that I was told and shown that I must return to the Earthly side, and I would be shown later that there is much to be done on the Earthly side.

Thirty-two days on life support, three months in a hospital and three years in a long term physical Rehab Hospital. That is my Spiritual Pilgrimage and My Journey Back. May your journey in life be paved with gifts, and if you receive a gift, make sure you open it and share it with others. Your life will be richer for it. Blessings to all, and may this story find the prayers of Angels dancing within your soul.

On Angels Wings, K.


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