A Near Death Experience, No. 180.

Multiple Experiences.

My NDE occurred when I was 12 years old. My grandmother had died shortly before I went into the hospital. After I had been there for only a week and a half I had my first vision in the bathroom while I was taking a bath. No nurse was in there then, but I could see the inside of a brain right in front of me, with a big tumor in the exact center of it. As I was walking back to my bed I remember thinking to myself, now that was my brain, and with a tumor that big and in the center of my brain that means I'm going to die, why aren't I afraid? As soon as I finished saying that I heard His voice talking to me for the first time saying "because you trust in Me". Now this startled me kind of, and I looked around me and saw no one. I then weakly said God? He said "yes", and I said "just checking."

I knew that I couldn't tell anybody what I had heard or seen because I was a 12 year old little girl in the hospital and such things were unheard of in those days. God gave me a spirit of peace and boldness then, so I could endure all the testing; and one of my favorite games ended up pretending I was asleep in the bed and listening to all of the doctors, nurses, and students talking while they thought I was asleep. This was the only way I could really know what they were thinking.

One day when I was taking a "nap" I felt like I was being sucked up in a giant, black vacuum cleaner. I couldn't see anything else, couldn't move a muscle, couldn't even breath. I have to admit at that second I was scared, and a little mad. Suddenly it seemed to stop, and I noticed everything around me was grey and misty. I could breath again, as well as move, but I didn't know where I was.

That's when I felt a hand on my left shoulder, and when I turned I saw my grandmother. Now when I saw her I knew immediately it was her, and I started to talk, but she was young and beautiful. Now I had never seen her like that. I asked her where we were and she pointed behind me, and when I turned I saw a white marble staircase with a white railing along side it. I remember thinking wow, somebody really rich and really famous must live here, maybe a movie star, no, someone richer and more important. That's when I saw a brilliant white light in a sort of ball form walking along side the railing and then descending down to right in front of me. We talked for a long time; but the basic decision then was that I could go back down to earth, and He would bring me up two more times so I could be sure of my decision.

Well, God and I talked about everything I basically told you already; but then we got into more detail. I was afraid that if I was pronounced dead, my father would die of a heart attack, then, my mother would shortly after, go crazy because she wouldn't know how to support herself and four kids, so she'd be put in a hospital and, my sister and three brothers would have to be put in an orphanage. I didn't want this for my family, so I chose to come back. Nothing really happened that time when I came back, the nurse did walk up shortly afterward to take my vitals.

The second time I came up we were standing in front of some farms that were neatly and peacefully alongside the dirt road we were walking upon. I told Him that I thought He was going to show me heaven, and He said I am, this is a part of heaven that some people want to spend some time at. Now these were real farms with corn, wheat, carrots, cows, sheep, dogs, chickens, everything on them. As we walked along, He picked a corn husk and told me to chew on that as we walked, so I did. The corn was sweet and juicy good, it didn't last long, but I continued chewing on the husk.

We started decending down a hill and I saw cottages, cabins, lakes, and rivers. There were even mountains in the background. I wanted to see the mountains first, but He wanted me to see the New Jerusalem first. Now, I was born and raised Catholic, went to Catholic schools, but I don't ever remember hearing what the Bible says about the New Jerusalem, (actually the apostle John). If you read in the last couple chapters of the book of Revelation, you can read the description of the walls and gates. Inside, all of the streets were made of gold, and there were rivers flowing down the middle of each street, and trees with various fruit growing on them in the center of each river. Alongside the streets there were apartments, houses, townhouses, stores, malls, nightclubs, every kind of building you could think of, even parks and schools. There was music, dancing, singing, eating, laughing, talking, and everyone was happy. Finally, we walked out, and he showed me some beaches, boats, fish, bugs, and butterflies. He promised He would show me more the next time. I returned to my hospital bed, and once again nothing really happened. A nurse walked up to take my vitals again.

The third time I went up, we were in the mountains, He showed me the ski slopes, and the caves that were so beautiful. Then he took me for a canoe ride down the stream. I saw deer, bears, goats, squirrels, and many different birds. There were so many beautiful things, but the best thing there was the love. Such a great, strong, unconditional love that made me feel so safe, secure, and happy. God and I were talking of so many things. We were walking alongside the wall of the city and I looked down and saw His hand holding mine. This was the first time I saw any part of His body, because I usually saw only the light that surrounded His body. This made me feel sure that He wasn't really different than me. I never saw any more of His body; but I truly felt that He was my Heavenly Father.

I was thinking of this when I heard a lot of heavenly voices telling me that I was late and somebody was there. I finally began my descent back to my hospital bed, and opened my eyes just in time to see a nurse beginning to turn around, and she looked sad. I said "hi"; and she jumped as she turned around to looked at me. She was pale this time; and she said that she had been standing there for 20 minutes, and I'd had no pulse, no blood pressure, she had tried to take them 3 or 4 times, and my body was beginning to get cold and hard.

She suddenly remembered that she had gone on a date the night before, and they were up late watching a movie and drank a whole bottle of wine. Then she said that had to be it, and she would never do that again the night before she had to work.

The doctors gave me a ventriculargram later in the month, and after staring at the x-rays for 8 hours they saw a tumor in the center of my brain. When I finally woke up, my mother and father were there by my bed, and my mother was crying. I told her that I knew they said I had a brain tumor in the center of my brain, and I was going to die, but don't worry because I'm not going to die. My father walked up, and said he would sell the house and take me on a cruise around the world so I could see everything. I told him not to, because all I wanted to do was go home, see my family, graduate from the eigth grade, and go on with my life like normal kids. All I wanted was for all of us to be a normal family.

After they found the tumor, as you can imagine my parents were pretty upset and they couldn't make any decisions as to what the doctors could do to me. As a result the doctors came to me and asked my opinion because they said that during the month I had kept a sense of humor, scolded them once and always asked questions as to what they were doing and why. They asked me what I thought about surgery, would I allow them to do it to me?

I asked how sure they were that they could remove all of it. They said removal of 62-78% sure, so I asked how sure they were that I could survive, and they said 15-50%, but they could hook me up to machines until they could find out what to do. I asked what they meant, because I wanted to go home, graduate from eigth grade, and go on with my life, and they said if I survived I wouldn't have a "normal" life, but they could learn a lot and maybe do something sometime for me.

I told them I had gotten better odds from God and he said I could live and do whatever I wanted, so I chose not to have surgery. They tried arguing with me, and I told them I was a 12 year old girl who wasn't about to change her mind.

My neurologist smiled and asked me if they could do some other experiments that wouldn't kill me, but would decidedly make my father's hospital bill go down. I love my father, and he has a rough enough time supporting us all on his paycheck, so I said ok to that.

They had said I seemed to have the maturity and wisdom of someone who was 80 years old, and I attribute this to the near death experiences.

Now, they had said I wouldn't walk, talk, read, write, feed myself, graduate, have kids, etc. I am now 47 years old (although if you ask me, I'll say I'm 2 and holding), have birthed 4 beautiful children, and now have 1 grandson and a drivers license as well as a bachelor of science in family sciences. I'm happy, and looking forward to the time I can reunite with God and everything I saw, heard, and felt up there.

God continued to be with me no matter what. When I came home from the hospital and told my sister and brothers about my nde's they called me a liar, and sneered at me. I got into tears, and ran out into the kitchen to tell my mother, and she said I was just dreaming, that it was impossible for me to have such experiences, because God would only talk to the pope or one of the very high archbishops. She said that God and the pope had a hierarchy of some sort that was written in the Bible somewhere.

I made the mistake of asking her where in the bible, and she was working on cleaning the house, so she just said that only the priests, or the father of the family could open such a holy book and read it, I had to leave it alone and go back to bed so I could get better. I was very hurt and confused as I went to my bed and layed there meditating, and asking God a lot of questions.

My mother was my elder, and I had a deep appreciation and respect for the pope, and all of the staff in the Catholic church, but I knew that I had met God personally, and His love showed no limits whatsoever, how could this be. As long as I was in their house I knew I had to respect them, and go with them to church, and all of the schools that they sent me to, but I didn't have to believe in what I felt was a lie.

(Note: Frequently after the NDE, experiencers can improve the health of others by touching them. I had this happen to me. I hugged an individual with great pain from arthritis, the next day she explained her pain had disappeared. I did not tell her about my experience, and most don't say anything.)

Before I left the hospital, I was in my bed, and overheard the doctors speaking. In the bed next to me was a little girl (8 years old) who had been riding her bike to school in the morning, and a car hit her. She was in very serious condition, a coma, they didn't expect her to make it out of the hospital alive. That was why they had her next to my bed, because we were in the part of the childrens ward that was left alone and terminal.

I remember the feeling of compassion and urgency for me to sneak over to her bed and talk to her, and give her some love that was being denied her. The love God had given me alone, made me feel so much better, I just wanted her to feel somewhat better.

Finally, after the doctors had left, and the nurses had taken the vitals. I snuck over to her bed and talked to her most quietly, as well as touching her head which was covered with blood, and I admit at first I felt repulsed, but since God had loved me, and no way was I as good as Him. I figured that I just had to reach out and touch her with His love.

I told her that God was not going to make me die, and He wouldn't make her. Anyway, I went back to my bed and layed down for the nap that the nurses were always telling me to take. I sort of forgot about Eileen then, and finally slept pretty good.

Anyway, the next morning at 10:00 o'clock, Eileen's mom came over to my bed with Eileen. She was sitting in a wheel chair and smiling at me. Her mother said that she couldn't believe it, but Eileen regained consciousness earlier that day and said she wanted to see me, nothing else. I was very happy, Eileen and I just smiled at each other, and her mother took her back to bed.

I went home October 31, and Eileen went home November 1st. Now I had never read the bible, but it does say in there that His believers could lay hands on the sick, and they would recover, but I never knew that was in there for 31 years. I don't really have a church now, but I have accepted Jesus Christ and God is in my heart at all times. He does perform miracles through us, and to us, if we only believe and share His love.


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