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January 2018
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Spiritual Encouragement

Comments: (in response to NDE #24)
Hi John, I absolutely believe in the eternal nature of human souls. We existed before we were born as spirit children of God. We came to earth to gain experience, a physical body, and to learn things we would need to know to help us fulfil our potential and become more like our Father. Of course I don’t have a full understanding of your experience, but I would think that if you came back from His love, there must be something in this life you are yet to learn or experience. It might even be something as simple as learning the patience to endure to the end. I’d love to talk about it more, but only if you’re interested! Best wishes, E.

Comments: (in response to NDE #29)
Don’t give up!! Yes there is a perfect light and love to return to when we die, but He wouldn’t have sent us here if there wasn’t a good reason! There are things we need to learn and to do, experiences we need to gain, relationships to develop (yes, these can be eternal too). Like you, I have felt frustrated by the shallowness and meaninglessness of so many aspects of “normal” life. If only others could glimpse what the real purpose of life is, and the greater picture we are all part of! I personally have never had a NDE, but I can relate to so much of what is described. I feel a close connection with God, and through study, prayer, and spiritual experiences, I have a deepening understanding of His teaching that we should be “IN the world, but not OF it”. Unfortunately, working for a living is one of life’s necessities to avoid burdening others with our physical needs. But we have so much opportunity to do more, to reach out, and to lift and help others. Imagine when we return to that Love after we die. How it might be to return “home” knowing we’ve done our best to serve others and to see people we’ve taken time to care about, or knowing we’ve wasted the time of our “probation” here. There are so few of us who have felt His love. His influence is in the world where people invite it, but we are His hands. Lets do what we can to share the hope of that peace and love to those who’ve not yet felt it.
I hope this has helped even a tiny bit!
With love, E.

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By Your Side

By Your Side
Tenth Avenue North

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Live Free and Happy or…?

Live free and happy or live hurt and depressed?

You are like a child with a knife in your hand and you keep stabbing yourself with the knife, that is why I must slap your hand so you will let go of the knife. Of course, when I slap your hand it hurts. So just let go of the knife, stop stabbing yourself, and then I won’t need to slap your hand anymore.

Don’t start with excuses saying “You don’t know the way I feel!” I know the way you feel, you feel weak because you feel alone, you feel alone because you don’t feel God. This is what I mean when I say “You have forgotten God”.

Don’t start saying “It is you putting me down!” — because you are the one who is putting yourself down first. If you think I can hurt you, then you are making yourself weak, you are putting yourself down.

If you think “Rasa/Jack/Jessamine, (whoever), can not hurt me” then you are making yourself strong.

I already told you how to stop getting hurt. If you say “I don’t want to be hurt” it is different from saying “I will not allow anyone to hurt me anymore”.

You’re the only, you’re the one who can make your life the way you want it to be. You are the only one who is allowing yourself to be hurt by others.

Don’t start again with excuses saying “I can’t even say my feelings!” — because your feelings are the knife you keep stabbing yourself with. It is all just blah blah blah you are telling yourself.

“I am always typically misunderstood, some people think that what they see is what I am. I know that you’re thinking I am crazy. You would be so wrong, I am just determined, to make you see all that I can be” — this is blah blah blah, again an excuse.

When you think thoughts like that, your mind is turning to the negative.

I am not helping you. You are reading it. It is only you who is helping yourself, if you listen to me you are helping yourself, if you feel hurt by what I say then you are hurting yourself — because the only one that can hurt you is You and only you! Otherwise, if you feel hurt just by reading it, I can still keep slapping your hand until finally you decide to put the kife down.

And where is your source of strength? YOUR SOURCE OF STRENGTH IS GOD. If you can not connect with God, then you can not connect with the true source of strength.

Life has two doors: Live free and happy, or stay in the way of hurt and depression. You choose the best for you. You can change it once you understand the wrong way. Don’t forget what you think, you become. Don’t say it will be hard, don’t think it, because it will become hard. Think instead “this will be easy!” and yes, it will be easy for you.

Don’t say you can’t — because it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get through the road. All that matters, is how big a fight you put up to get through. Don’t say you can’t — because you can.

When other people see how long the road you gotta take is, they just say you can’t do it, and then they walk away. They are just bringing you down because they know they couldn’t do it themselves. This is your chance to shut them up, and make them have nothing to say.

It’s worth it to make them see they can’t control the things you achieve. You’re the only, you’re the one who can make your life the way you want it to be.


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The Source

The Source is the Creator of all things everywhere, the Source has many names in many different cultures. Here we call the Source “God.” There are no accidental creations, all things have purpose and meaning. We have taken a physical body in order to learn this purpose and meaning. Our bodies may be fragile, become weak, feel alone, and fearful, but we are not our bodies. We are not weak nor fearful, as long as we remember our Source.

We are born of God, we are His children, and in His image. That means we existed before our birth to physical parents, and we shall live after our mortal body ceases to be. We are eternal beings born of God, and reborn into the physical life of man.

God is our real Father. His love for us is unconditional. He loves us for who and what we are, His children. Our future is safe and secure, God’s love does not waiver for any reason.

There are many in the physical who say we must do this, or we must do that in order to be worthy of God’s love. They are wrong. God’s love is our birthright, it is our’s freely given by God. There is nothing we must do or not do to achieve His love. God accepts us just as we are. We were created in His perfection and will remain perfect whatever happens during our physical journey. His love is always there, no one can take it from us, nor can anyone deceive us into believing we have lost God’s love. God’s love is greater than any mistake we will ever make. His love is unconditional, it is given asking nothing in return.

However, there may be some that don’t feel God’s love, and safety, some that can’t find their connection to the Source. Their physical body is full of fear, pain, anxiety, and depression. They wrongly believe they are their physical body not allowing love to enter for fear it will hurt them. They hold tightly onto the hurts of the past instead of forgiving those hurts and dismissing them. They falsely believe others don’t like them when it is they that don’t like themselves. Yet it is unknown to them that it is love that completes the connection to the Source. It is your love of God and His creations that connect you to the Source.

Allow your heart to open and receive God’s love for you, it is totally free, no strings attached. Love yourself as God loves you, just the way you are, no need to change anything, love yourself for who and what you are, God’s child whom He loves dearly. Love all of yourself every beauty and blemish, every good habit and bad, every good deed and bad, every good thought and bad, accept all your past and love it. Forgive those who have hurt you, for they know not what they do.

Carry an attitude of love wherever you go, into whatever you do and say. Become the love you desire. Pass that love to others and watch it return to you doubled. Hold your head up, you are not your body, you are God’s child.

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