A Near Death Experience, No. 99.

Asthma Attack.

I had a near-death experience.

I have had asthma since I was 2 years old, and when I was a teenager, I caught a lung infection and came down with an asthma attack that turned me blue (that means that death is 3 minutes away). What I remembered was that the 3 minutes seemed like an ETERNITY, not just 3 minutes, of pure hell. I tell you, dying by having your breath slowly taken away from you is one of the worst ways to die!

Also I did see that tunnel and I was pulled into that tunnel, and I didn't see one light, I saw two. I didn't see any dead relatives or Jesus. What I did experience was this: At a certain point, all the pain went away, and I knew, "Aha! This is it. I'm crossing the threshold." But then, it was like I came to a certain agreement, "No, not now, not yet, there's stuff that we've left undone, there's stuff that you and I still have to do."

It was almost as if God and I were communicating to each other through our feelings. I accepted his decision, because I knew that there was a lot of important stuff left to do -- I didn't know what it was -- but I knew that it was a lot and that it was important.

I trusted him because I agreed with him. We both knew what we were talking about, or, if you will, "feeling" about. The only thing that was the most difficult thing to do was to cross back over that threshold where all that pain of the asthma attack was.

I remember that on the other side it was peaceful and the pain had stopped.


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