A Near Death Experience, No. 98.

Visit by Son.

My only and eldest son Christopher, died suddenly and very unexpectedly. He is my soulmate and best friend. I have been grieving for him since that most brutal Saturday afternoon, November 13th. I have had a few dreams that I can interpret in a psychological manner, but this one, I call it my Mother's Day gift is beyond any dream I have ever had: I am driving with my daughter through the security gates of our development. I see someone reading a large book, sitting inside the gates on a lawn chair.

I say to my daughter: "That person has the same hair as Christopher!"

She replies, "Mom, you know he's gone."

I pull the car over, get out and peer over the large book. I see Chris. He looks up at me, very matter-of-factly. I say, "Chris, it's mom"...he just looks at me. I put my arms around his neck...he puts his arms around me and we float upward...everything fades away...I feel the absolute most peaceful and loving feeling I have ever felt...more than I can believe...I am the happiest person in the universe!

When I awake I begin sobbing with absolute joy. This is not "just a dream" -- this has been a spiritual experience that I relive on at least a daily basis -- I keep it as a sacred promise that my son will come for me when it is my time.

I no longer fear death...I have been given a mere taste of what it will be.


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