A Near Death Experience, No. 97.

Hanging Accident.

When I was about one and half years old, I was given up for adoption and placed in foster homes after foster homes. There were always older children who were mean to the younger kids.

Anyway, I guess from the experiences being traumatic, I remember stuff at a younger age than most people do because I have asked others off handedly their first memory and most people's first memory is between three and five. I had to be around two or two and half because I was adopted when I was three.

I remember some older kids taking me into some woods and putting a rope around my neck. There was like a gully and they swung me into the air. The next thing I remember is feeling like I was twirling in light. Then suddenly I was standing in bright warm sunshine in a field of flowers and a lady was talking to me, a beautiful lady, and exactly what she was talking about I cannot remember all only that she told me it was time to go back and I told her I wanted to stay but she told me I had important things to do and that when the time was right I would know what to do and that I would remember always of being there.

I wish I could remember the whole conversations because I feel there was more important things I was suppose to remember. She did tell me I would be back and see her again. I just remembered that. I have never ever told anybody about this experience maybe telling you about it has opened up something. It seems I remember a bigger someone telling her it was time for me to go back and she seemed rushed all of the sudden.

Then I remember coughing and kids were taking the rope off my neck and they were scared and crying and a girl was crying over me and telling the others that she had told them not to swing me with the rope around my neck and then someone was carrying me and that's all I remember.

I remembered this event when I was a little older, I am not sure at what age.. My mother told me I was adopted when I was eleven and she told me that when she first saw me I had what appeared to be a bad rope burn around my neck.



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