A Near Death Experience, No. 84.

Visited with Friend.

I had a very serious brain injury, myself, and a lot of my abilities I received as a breath of life from our Creator were labeled in medical terms as unresponsive and illusionary.

It allowed them to keep me restrained to a bed with a wander wand attached as my identity was stripped from my memory by the coma and rehabilitation.

As I lay crying to just go home. I was visited by my best friend who was killed by a drunk driver in 1983. I just wasn't sure if there was a heaven then and I have missed her desperately hoping she was with GOD, if he really is there. I spoke with her telling her "I love you, where have you been."

She replied "I love you, everything will be alright," and the light that filled my hospital room allowed me to sign out of there that day, against their 60 day approval of care.

After that visit I was completely transformed with many gifts as well as this insatiable search for knowledge.

I did remember an OOB experience (1995) as I WAS RESUSCITATED enroute to a trauma team with 8 units of blood exiting out of my head and no stopping it. I have been told by many MD's that are familiar with this type of head injury that I am a miracle to have lived through that.

When I saw my friend I was not hooked to life support anymore. I had been awake from this coma state for 7 days (total days in coma were 23) when "she was just there." I was crying to escape from this torment I thought.

So what I am trying to say is I saw her when I was not in the NDE but recovering afterwards. I remember the nurse trying to stop me from talking (to myself) she thought and told me to "stop this, no one is here." I just asked her to leave because I am having a private visit.

She actually stripped all the love I was experiencing because she angered me when I insisted she leave, so I looked to my friend for help and she was gone. I didn't feel sad after that. I just knew there is a heaven and she came to me to reassure me she was alright.

After that visit I was myself again with the memories that allow us to answer the purpose of life.



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