A Near Death Experience, No. 85.

I Nearly Died.

After I nearly overdosed on a legal Demerol prescription, I nearly died.

I recall flying over a nearby highway, and I was as high as the eucalytus trees and higher. I don't recall talking to our Creator, but I remember being "sent back." I distinctly remember two hooded (dark brown is the impression) individuals walking me back, and I was fighting them, but they walked me down a green grassy hill and the next thing I remembered was awakening in the room where I'd "passed out."

There were firemen and police all over the place, and I was sent to the hospital. My B/P was 60/30 in the ambulance, and the paramedics had this frightening look on their face, urgently working on me, giving me oxygen, etc.

Now since this happened, I seem to be "remembering" more and more. I had an experience this last week in which I couldn't move, but there was this tugging, and it scared me, and I thought if I meditated any more or "went" with this feeling, I would actually DIE.

Also these dreams feel a little too real if you know what I mean. One time, I had an OBE and was floating around the room playing! -- while my body was asleep on the bed.

I can't get the picture I saw during my NDE out of my mind.

Grins, C. =0)


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