A Near Death Experience, No. 83.

Visited Father.

I had an experience, not of my own near death, but that I'm sure I visited my father after he had died.

Several years before my father died he came for a visit from England, we went out for dinner and got talking about whether we believed in life after death, I always had believed, but I'm not sure my father did, so he said "Well if I die first I'll let you know," well he died a few years later.

I went to bed and had a most extraordinary dream, or what I thought was a dream, I suddenly found myself in a darkness, everywhere was black, I couldn't see anything, then I heard my father's voice saying: "Do you remember what we were talking about at the restaurant?" "Well I'm with your mother now, everything is alright". I was crying and saying "I want to stay here with you", but my dad said "No you have to go back, it's not your time yet".

I couldn't see my dad, yet knew it was him, I awoke, and it felt as though I had been somewhere, nothing like when you have a regular dream, I even woke up crying, but I've felt privileged to have had this experience, but at the same time it nags at me because I don't know if it was real. I would like to know what you make of this, do you think I was just having a dream?

Thanks, Joan.

(It was real Joan, all our experiences are real, it is only ourselves that we sometimes doubt.)


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