A Near Death Experience, No. 57.

Shot by Stalker.

The story behind my NDE, I hope no one else has to ever endevour in their life.

I was a 20-year-old female security guard, working around some of the worst areas of Sydney, Australia. On the 10th of June, 1999, I was assaulted and left unconscious for 10 minutes before my partner found me. Someone had come up from behind and grabbed the back of my neck and my jacket and pushed me face first into a brick wall. I didn't think much of it. Some people have a lot of animosity against people in uniform.

Then early on the morning of 26th of June, 1999, I received a call on my cellular phone from the guy who had assaulted me. Apologizing for smashing my head into a concrete wall, then telling me to behave myself and I will be fine.

I continued working as a security guard in the same area, but being a little more cautious of who was watching me closely. Then on the 23rd of July, 1999, I was subjected to another call from this person stating that "I'm going to get YOU! WATCH OUT GIRL!"

After my boss had heard about this last phone call she moved me from that area to a mobile patrol in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It was a better pay, and alot easier on the mind. I received no more further phone calls from this stalker.

Then on Friday the 13th of August, I was getting ready for work, about ten minutes before I had to leave for work I decided to go out and get the mail from the letter box by the street. I walked back into my house when I was knocked out from behind. During this time I suspect the stalker wrote up a message on my computer (of which I have no knowledge of what it says. The police are keeping their mouths shut to everyone.), then I suspect I might have been starting to regain consciousness when he started to leave and saw his chance.

He drew my gun from the holster on my still unconscious body. BANG! I heard the noise but I still did not register consciousness. Seconds later I sat up and screamed. No one heard me. Blood was pulsing from my left shoulder, it quickly covered my whole shirt. I ran through the house looking for a phone. I saw a phone but in my delirious state I could not orientate myself around the furniture to it. Blood still pulsed from my shoulder. I ran back the way I had come. I knew there was three phones in my room. I tripped. I lay there for what seemed like minutes saying "Oh God, Help Me! Help Me Please!!" I managed to drag myself to the room at the end of the hallway in which it first started. I couldn't reach the phones which were upon a desk. Thankfully a cloth was draped over the desk, I pulled it off until I saw my cellular phone reaching over the edge of the desk. I dialed 000 (being the emergency number). The guy at the other end said "Police, fire, ambulance?" I panted "Police!" The guy replied "State?" I guess I still hadn't lost my sense of humour when I replied with "Dying!" The guy then said "In which state do you live?" I replied "New South Wales." He asked "Suburb?" I replied "Baulkham Hills" He said "Connecting you now." The phone rang again. Another guy answered, asking me, "State the problem?" "I've been shot!" I panted. He asked "What address?" I panted into the phone my full address. He then hung up.

I needed to talk to someone, I didn't want to be alone. I rang work. "Help me!!" My boss "Jenny? Jenny? What's wrong?!" "I've been shot!" My boss frantically replied "How?! You didn't shoot yourself?" "No! The stalker. He shot me!" My boss answered "Oh God, is an ambulance on the way?!" I replied "Police are." I hadn't even thought about an ambulance, I was still losing alot of blood. The phone dropped out. I continued repeating "Help me, Help me!!" Then I heard "Hello?" I said as loud as I could "Help Me!" I heard "Secure that weapon!" Then a policeman was at my side, he saw my uniform and thought I was a cop, "F*^k! It's a copper!!"

Within the next five minutes 16 cop cars had pulled up in my street along with two ambulances. The ambulance officers rushed to my side and covered me up and put me on a stretcher. I was in the ambulance, some female cop was calling my name over and over. "Jennifer? Jennifer?" I was in too much pain to reply. "Jennifer? You have a severe chest injury. You could die." I screamed. "I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" She said I need information? Description? Anything? I started spouting names of people who would know the story up to today. I heard several cops asking the ambulance officers if they needed a police escort.

I woke in emergency. There were doctors and nurses and police everywhere. They cut my clothes off. I remember hearing snip, snip, tear as they tore them off.

Then I remember seeing myself on the operating table from above. I was covered in blood. I moved on and started going into the past. It wasn't so much as recognising the past through seeing it, it was more like having the feelings of the event all over again. I went through thousands of events of my life. I finally saw a light. Everything around it was black like a tunnel. I started drifting closer and closer. I felt safe. I approached the light. Someone was standing next to the entrance.

As I went to enter the light, this person moved in front of the light and said "It's not your time." I was starting to drift away, I tried to stay there, but I couldn't control my movement. I next remember waking up in hospital.

After 9 hours of surgery, they mended an artery, a nerve, and replaced 5 and a half litres of blood. My left arm is slowly recovering, but it will be a long term process. I was reading though my medical reports and stated that upon entry into hospital I was revived and resuscitated by CPR.
- Nil response
- Nil blood pressure
- Nil pulse
- Temp at 32.6 degrees celcius
* Time taken/response was 46 seconds.

I still live in fear of this stalker as they have not caught him. But my recovery is more important to me.

I have never told the whole story to anyone I know, and I don't know why I broadcast it across the net.



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